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Physical Education

No description

Alex Hornbacher

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Physical Education

Physical Education Stance:
I am against Physical Education being mandatory,
because it does not allow for a student to make their
own choice of classes. Opposition:

1. Some people believe that Phy Ed will help the fight agaisnt obesity.

2. Many think that Physical Education is a holistic part of schooling.

3. Arguments feud over if Physical Education is not forced than youth will carry over bad habits to their adulthood.

Support for my stance:

1. Students should be allowed to have a choice.

2. Failure in this class can cause humiliation/bullying.
3. Physical Education adds to a hectic schedule.

4. Students health can be improved in other ways than playing a sport outside a few times a week.

5. The quality of teaching is low.

6. Only small percentage get an effective workout in the time frame provided.

7. Other classes and courses can not be taken because this class is mandatory.

8. Many students provide excuses, fake injuries, and health problems to get out of certain workouts and sports.

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