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Sam Charlton A2 Media Evaluation

Media Studies A2 Evaluation

Sam Charlton

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Sam Charlton A2 Media Evaluation

Sam Charlton A2
Media Studies
Evaluation Developing media texts shows that you are able
to identify the positive aspects of other works
and to let them inspire you to use similar techniques. When we were storyboarding our trailer I took
inspiration from the films "Control" and
"Requiem for a Dream". The images shown display
the similarities to the films and the development of
the shots used in our trailer: My media text conforms and challenges conventions in many ways. Challenging them shows that you may respect these techniques but you want to give your text its own identity and individuality from the rest of the "crowd". This first image uses the main character as a silhouette with strong lighting from behind. I like the use of lighting in this image as it creates a strong constrast of black and white and it also conveys the message of what drugs, mental illness, epilepsy and other ailments can do to someones life. Our group took inspiration from this image but decided to use natural lighting instead of a set up lighting system, not only for effect but also because of monetary constraints. We also decided to do a top down wide angle shot rather than close up to show that the character is still the focus but is overwhelmed by everything around him. The next image was the inspiration behind the original storyboard design. The image from control is the start of a 360 degree arc shot around the character in the film "Control". It is used in a scene where he is being hyponotized. When I first saw this image I was blown away by the cinematography. However when we eventually got to filming our trailer we decided to develop it by rather than imitate it. Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 control claustrophobia control claustrophobia claustrophobia requiem for a dream Question 1:In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? My media product develops and challenges forms and conventions in many ways. We developed ideas from different films
and also challenged them to give our trailer individuality. I think this shows that being inspired by other real media products and then developing them is a successful method of creating a product. Question 1 Conclusion Synergy between the main product and the
ancillary texts reflects the appearance of a professional
media piece. This shows us the different forms of advertising
that is used for media products like films and also the need for
parity between the different texts. I think that I have shown synergy between my three media texts. I decided to develop the usual link
between media texts by having two similar and one different but still promoting the film. Trailer Magazine Poster The trailer for "Claustrophobia" uses features that have parity between the poster and the magazine front cover. I made the poster and front cover after my group had finished making the trailer. The poster for "Claustrophobia" was a cut image from the trailer
to advertise events in the film. I think that this was an effective way to combine
the two texts together. Having information about the actors and director also reflects
real life media texts by influencing the audience to see the film because of this information. We used several different shots of our main character to collage them together to reflect the erratic behaviour that drugs have on people. The final shot of our character in the centre of the screen is a great finishing shot that embodies the message of what drugs can do to people. The third shot is very similar to one used in Requiem for a Dream.
Requiem for a Dream is filled with extreme close up shots of drugs being used to detail how they look - It is used for impact and is extremely effective. We decided to use a very similar shot for a smoking shot. The colours are alot more muted to reflect the ideas behind smoking compared to other drugs. For the front cover of the magazine I decided to use an image of the director
to promote the film. This connects to the main text by emphasising on the status of the director. In a real life media magazine directors are often interviewed and they often get interviewed to promoted the film so doing it this way allows me to still have parity with the poster and trailer but have something different again. Question 2 Conclusion Having the main and ancillary texts is vital to advertising. It keeps the awareness of the media text
in the public conciousness. Doing this successfully is dependent on what steps you take to follow the trends and also diversify in advertising. I think that I have done this successfully. Question 3:What have you learned from your
audience feedback? When I initially went to get audience feedback I used Google Apps to get responses, however no one responsed to the questionairre I posted
on there so I then decided to print questionairres out and give them
to my peers and also to members of the public in Liverpool city
center. I asked a series of questions relating to the topic that helped me
shape the style of film that our group finally created. The results over the
next few slides show the opinions of the public. Getting audience feedback for the media text was a great way to
get information for planning the next stages of the project. When you think of drug users, what words come to mind? misunderstood dirty scum addicts thieves aggressive criminals vile scatty having fun lame teenagers drain to society pity overdose sad recreation trouble Do you think that drug films should embody positive characteristics
about drug users? Do how important are trailers in influencing you to see a film? Very Important Important No more important than posters or magazines Not very important Not important 65% 10% 20% 5% 0% This questionnaire shows that the audience has a bias against drug users.
They want to see something negative. They think that the most accurate portrayal of the truth is something that portrays drug users as immoral people. Question 3 Conclusion The audience feedback gave me and my group a chance to focus
our trailer into something that would interest potential viewers. Media
products try to feed off what the audience wants so having feedback
allowed us to make something that would potentially succeed on the
market if released as a real life media text. Question 4: How did you use new media technologies
in the construction of research, planning and evaluation stages? Using new media technologies shows that you are aware of the ever changing
advances of the present. Hand written essays from ten years ago are no longer applicable in a real life situation. combining different mediums shows diversity and intelligent application for media texts. For my media coursework I used a variety of media technologies to enhance
the quality of production. This enabled me to use more interesting, intuitive and
aesthetically pleasing styles for my research, planning and evaluation. For my research, I used Youtube, Google Images and Bing to find the texts
that I needed for related texts to my intended practical projects. I was also able to use blogger
to post updates about my coursework to the examiner. Youtube provided me with the ability to search for the trailers that I was going to research quickly
and easily and it also has the ability to embed files onto blogs, which was a great help. Google Images and Bing allowed me to get images of posters and magazine front covers
for the research and planning section of my ancillary texts. The next couple of print screens reflect the ease of acquiring images for my research. Having blogger allowed me to put all of my work into a single focused location. All of my
research, planning and production work has been uploaded on that site. It's incredible accessibility has enabled me to show the progression of my coursework from its beginnings to the final production and evaluation. Audience feedback from trailer... The audience feedback from the first trailer gave us some interesting responses. It was clear that we had made a trailer that lacked in narrative, and the audience was left to decipher too much from the trailer. It was less of a promotional product than an "artsy" film. We decided to change our trailer as a result. Using Prezi allowed me to write my evaluation in an interesting new way. I had attempted to use a presentation in my AS production in year 12 however a limited application like powerpoint which hasn't got much visual flair didn't do the evaluation any benefit. Prezi allowed me to do an evaluation in a unique style. Question 4 Conclusion the use of new technologies has allowed me to make unique choices for my A2 coursework. looking back I feel I have learnt new skills from using Prezi, Blogger and other programs such as iTunes and developing skills on Photoshop I think have helped me do the best I can in the production. Conclusion Looking back at my coursework, I feel that it has allowed me to develop many skills and to show the best I can do at graphic design, filming, editing and team work. If i were to repeat the coursework I would probably have given more time to planning the editing of the film.
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