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Jo Callaghan

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

- Being harassed or abused
- Being excluded from the group
- Having rumours spread about you that aren't true
- People posting stuff about you online
- Being dominated by someone or multiple.
How can bullying affect you and others?
Where to get help in your local area and at the State and or National level? Below are some helplines and services willing to help those who are struggling to fight bullies.
Those local, state and national support services will help those who are victims of bullying and will help you get back on your feet. It might include getting out of your comfort zone and if your insecure about calling and talking to someone, your not alone. There would be lots of young teenagers who may be going through the same thing, so just talk to someone and it might change your life
Young people can be advocates for the health and wellbeing of their peers in relation to bullying. By helping yourself and others you need to manage stress, build up more physical activity, socialize more with different people and sleep the amount you need to become a better person.
Advocating for health is very important for your friends and family and those nationally around us to get the support they need. And also to fight bullying and become the better person that they are.
Laws and regulations are enforced predominantly in the serious case for bullying due too bullying is a serious matter that affects alot of young people. below shows the different laws and regulations enforced in the case of bullying.
“Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species.” Andrew Vachss
This can look like:
Bullying is defined as when people continuously and purposely verbally use words or actions against someone or a group of people to causing stress to their wellbeing.
Wikipedia definition: 'use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.'
What is Bullying?
Support Services
Support Services
Advocating for health
Advocating for health
The influences on health decision making and risk behaviour
Individual Factors
Socio-cultural factors:
Political factors
Economic factors
Depending on the economic factors in society, bullies may choose their targets based on the economic status in which they live. Below shows the results if the economic factors affect bullying.
Types of Bullying
Face-to-face bullying
(direct bullying): includes physical act towards another such as a punch, kicking or verbal acts such as name-calling and offensive words.
Convert bullying
(indirect bullying): bullying which isn't easily seen by others, happens out of sight, such as excluding others from group and spreading rumours.
occurs through the abuse of technology such as texts, email and social networks. problems occur is that cyber information can be hard to erase.
Health and Support Services
Bullying can have a serious impact on how someone feels about themselves. Bullying can lower a persons self-esteem and can lead to loss of emotions and feelings of sadness.
Bullying can affect individuals includes feeling:
guilty like it is your fault
alone, like there is no one to help you.
unsafe and afraid
ashamed that this is happening to you.
What bullies thrive on in a victim:
- teenagers who act more anxiously.
- those who are bullied also tend to be insecure and cry alot.
- teenagers with the characteristic that lack assertiveness and security become an easy target for bullies.
- teenagers who a rejected by peers can be seen as vulnerable and easy to become a victim.
- also teenagers with special needs are disproportionately victims of bullying.
- people can also be bullied by their learning disorders which in some cases leads to bullying.
- the race of the teenager can contribute to being a victim of bullying.
- religious beliefs can have affect on the victim.
Common ways of Cyberbullying
Statistics on Cyberbullying
Culture bullying known as "racist bullying" is an offence to others from different backgrounds and cultures. They may not have different skin or hair colour but due to their culture they become a victim. This can be verbal or physical to the victim and this creates an atmosphere of lack of security of not belonging and not being accepted into a different culture.
When it comes to gender bullying there is a difference in the ways girls get bullied and the way boys are bullied. Girls tend to bully other girls indirectly through the peer group. Girls usually tend to share hurtful information about other girls about the victim. Girls may create names, gossip, send harassing messages. These are called " relational" bullying due to they attack relationships and friendships. On the other hand boys bully other guys due to they have learn it from home from siblings or parents. Guys generally want to feel more dominant and powerful than the other guy. This is done by exclusion, verbal assaults, online attacks and scare tactics.
Families can have a negative and positive affect to bullying. The positive effect is helping and supporting their children through the tough times and comforting them in anyway possible. The negative affect includes the parents or siblings being the bullying and bullying the child which in making life harder for the child to handle at home in those circumstances.
Bullying is influenced by many factors that lead to decision making and risk behaviour. These include family, peers, gender and culture.
eers can influence decision making and risk behaviour in peer pressure which can lead to bad risk behaviour. Close friends generally stick up for their friends and have their back in hard times. Peers and other students tend to encourage risk behaviour and enforce bad influence which can lead to physical action and psychological damage as a person has been so distort due to bullying.P
Workplace Bullying
What is workplace bullying?
State/territory 'workplace safety' 2011 law covers associations in the workplace. Workplace bullying can be verbal, physical and social abuse by your employer (or manager).
The legislation is -
Occupational Health & Safety (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1991 (Cth)
Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000 (NSW)
Workplace Health & Safety Act 1995 (Qld)
Compulsory workplace insurance, includes:
Workplace Injury Management & Workers Compensation Act 1998 (NSW)
Workers' Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 2003 (Qld)

Discrimination Law
The Commonwealth, state/territory governments have regarded discrimination in the workplace and other environments acknowledging human rights. Courts have acknowledged that bullying is classified as discrimination against another person and may have serious consequences.

State and Territory policies
The National Anti-Discrimination Information Gateway provides human rights and anti-discrimination.
Commonwealth legislation relating to bullying include:
Disability Discrimination Act 1992
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) Act 1986
Racial Discrimination Act 1975
Racial Hatred Act 1995
Sex Discrimination Act 1984.
Schools in NSW and QLD follow these few procedures:
- Student welfare policy
- Bullying: preventing and responding to Student Bullying Schools Policy
- Anti-racism Policy
- Student protection
- Code of School behaviour
Common Law
Australia is dealing with the common law, which means courts ruling on the basis of provide decisions in earlier courts or superior courts. Common law is provided very little, if any, protection against harassment which meets the victim. Targets of bullying may use the common law in seeking compensation for physical or psychological injury occurred through bullying in the workplace and as a student participating in a team sport.
Statistics on Cyberbullying
Bullying Statistics
Chart based on Bullying
- Suicide call back service 1300 659 467
- GROW support groups 1800 558 268
- Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
- Parent Helpline/ child and youth health 1300 364 100
- National centre against bullying/ Lifeline 13 11 14
- SANE 1800 187 263
Family Wealth
Some bullies target those who are wealthy and to a bully a wealthy person looks stronger. This is why bullies dominant those who are more privileged and have more due to the bullies might not have what the rich have. By doing so the bully becomes selfish and very jealous of someone else wealth.
Community Population
The more people in the community the less bullying goes on due to more people declines bullying due to the number of people. The less people you have in a community leads to bullying due to the small number of people in a confined area such as a rural area. Other places such as the cities there are more people and more teenagers which there is not alot of bullying that happens.
Community wealth
Where you live and what neighbourhood you live in can impact you as you can become a victim for bullies. Bullies usually call wealthier people "snobs" and wealthier teenagers get dominated and be deprived due to their families wealth. The street and neighbourhood you live in can get criticized due to the upper class society which leads to severe bullying.
Starting from the beginning
By starting from the beginning we need to acknowledge our friends and family who are dealing with bullying, start sharing the grief and understand what they are going through, listen to them, give them advice/ seek professional help. Guide them and support them through their right decisions and give them positive motivation.
Increasing the matter
Increasing the matter includes handing out pamphlets or posters around Lennox or Ballina advertising the dangers and seriousness of bullying that affects a large portion of the teenage youth. These posters and pamphlets reflect the experiences and outcomes that bullying can do to a child and this awareness makes people more encouraging to help those who are faced with bullies everyday.
Fund-raising for the awareness of bullying at schools, local sporting events such as money collections or raising money, carnivals, contests, barbeques and raffling can all help to raise money to those people who are suffering from bullying and need help. Donating the money to local bullying centres and notify them that their are people in this community doing something about bullying and we are here to help is very supportive to those in your community. The money will go to those who are getting bullied and need professional help.
Bigger Expansion
Bigger expansion means advertising bulling at local sporting events, putting the awareness on local music channels such as Triple J. This will begin to acknowledge those people nationally that bullying is a big deal and we need to help those who are getting bullied and guide them through it with support from the local area, state and national level.
- Local GP (Ballina) 02 66862535
- Local psychologist (Ballina) 02 668144676
- Emergency (in region of Ballina) 000
- Mental Health information service 1300 794 991
- Angels Goal 03 6326 8886
By Josephine Callaghan
Mrs Kennedy
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