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Police and Communities

No description

melissa posadas

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Police and Communities

What do you usually hear and see about the police?
Gaining Perspective
Why has the news only shown violence between interracial incidents instead of same race crimes?
Media Headlines
Government blinding the public
CNN News brought a different perspective to the public's attention...
-Is there really a drastic increase in police violence and killings, or are we just seeing it more on TV and online?

"CNN states, " The headlines make it feel as if the country is experiencing an unprecedented wave of police violence, but experts say that isn't the case. We're just seeing more mainstream media coverage, and for a variety of reasons."

African Americans feel the videos lend credibility... but also their versions of the events. Where a victim's race could affect a story's veracity, video permits no such prejudice.
More shooting or more news coverage?
Police and Communities
Media Perceptions $$$
police appreciation
police interaction
This attacks more of the Caucasian policemen
Portrays African Americans negatively (economically, socially, emotionally, etc.)
"As a result, Americans of color typically live in a constant state of fear of actual and reoccurring policing violence."
Helps spread awareness
Helps businesses
Help/Hurts the way people gain perspective on the world around them
EX: African Americans get cast as maids, robbers, gangsters in movies
Family, friends, and the community help influence your opinions on what race and ethnicity are.
The Department of Justice funded the National Initiative for Trust and Justice project with $4.75 million dollars
The project's goal is to "improve relationships and increase trust between communities and criminal justice system
The CUAPB (Communities United Against Police Brutality) thinks this is a false framing of the real issue at hand which is police abuse of powers
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