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My Family tree 1IV6

Árbol familiar

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Transcript of My Family tree 1IV6

My family tree

She is sixty five years old
She was born in Mexico city
She doesn't work
He is sixty seven years old
He was born in Queretaro
He works in the mornings
My Grandparents
She is tall
She is swarthy
She is old
She is severe
She is sarcastic
She is modest
She likes talking with others
She hates eating meat
She loves dancing
He is tall
He have gray hair
He use glasses
He is funny
He is intelligent
He is thoughtful
He dislikes watching T.V.
He hates getting up early
He loves wearing caps
She is evil
She always buys soda
She doesn't work
My Uncles
She is short
She is old
She is plump
She is angry
She is joke
She never thinks very munch
She likes drinking soda
She hates everything
She dislikes the animals
He is thirty seven years old
He is unmarried
He woks
He is plump
He is strong
He use glasses
He is cheerful
He is intelligent
He is brave
He likes watching football
He dislikes smoking in the house
He loves playing with my pet
My Uncle in law
He was born in Oaxaca
He works in the nights
He is miserly
He is bald
He is tall
He is skinny
He is ingenuous
He is serious
He is strange
He likes eating soup
He hates listening music
He loves his work
My Fathers
He was born in Mexico City
He never smokes
He often watches T.V.
He is fat
He is strong
He is tall
He is happy
He is responsible
He is interesting
He likes his life
He hates the bad news
He loves reading history books
She never drinks beer
She always tells the truth
She works all week
She is short
She is plump
She use glasses
She is shy
She is angry
She is patient
She likes sleeping on Sundays
She hates the mistakes
She loves the T.V. shows
My Sister
She is fifteen years old
She paints her hair
She studies
She is beautiful
She is tall
She is fast
She is angry
She is intelligent
She is serious
She doesn't like the photos
She hates the pranks
She loves her family

I am young
I am a student
I am honest
I am plump
I am strong
I am common
I am Intelligent
I am serious
I am strange
I like eat ice cream
I hate the violence
I love the robots
His name is Cuco
It was born on July
It is loyal
My dog
It is big
It is furry
It is healthy
It is playful
It is a god guardian
It is quiet
It likes running in the park
It hates the birds
It loves eating in his plate

Thanks for viewing.

My family tree 1IV6
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