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Kentuckiana PMI Chapter - PM As Curator

A review and updated idea of Project Manager as Curator. - During this presentation the typical project manager archetype will be challenged. The new role is not only about being a leader, it's about being a curator to inspire innovation in teams.

Nathaniel Quintana

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Kentuckiana PMI Chapter - PM As Curator

What is Curation...
Be Aware of... Mental Barriers
Today's Project Management
Kentuckiana PMI Chapter 2014
Changing World
Separate Elements
Project Manager as Curator
Define what it means to be a curator
Some tips to consider for project success
Tools to help be a curator
What is the key success factor for a PM to be a curator
What is your role as leader when managing projects
"'Likablity' is becoming a bigger factor for success at work as social networks and videoconferencing grow."
Why Likability Matters More Than Ever at Work
, The Wall Street Journal; Wed. March 26, 2014
"More employers track employees' likability on in-house social networks and chat services. They recruit those who are trusted and well-liked to spread information or push through changes."
Why Likability Matters More Than Ever at Work
, The Wall Street Journal; Wed. March 26, 2014
"There is no set path for careers today, it is more of a squiggly line."
Ctrl Alt Delete - Reboot Your Business, Reboot Your Life, Your Future Depends on it
; By Mitch Joel
"There are more generations in the workforce than ever before... And we all have to learn to work together in order to find more success."

- Nathaniel J. Quintana
"The new system, then, ...is to use the stable, productive business platform we've developed to produce things, and continue to build projects on that platform. The new system doesn't consume oil or electricity on an assembly line; it thrives on innovation. Call it a project line.

The old system can't work without the new. And the new system depends on unpredictable human beings adding unscheduled insights."
Poke the Box
by Seth Godin
Hunter Gatherer
Zeitgeist Curator
Traditional definition
Hunter/Gatherer Curator
A person who highlights the most interesting people and finds the best content on the web & shares it to a wide audience. They are a critical information source to any network. They have an amazing ability to filter massive amounts of content to help surface the nuggets that an audience truly cares about.
"...plants and dollars can be managed, but people expect leadership."
- D. Wayne Calloway, CEO PepsiCo
"Information is ubiquitous."

"Be willing to brainstorm with your team."
To Sell is Human
; by Daniel H. Pink
"We need to be problem finders" - Daniel H. Pink
To Sell is Human
Be a good problem identifier
Ask questions to uncover insights
Beth Kanter
What's next?
What do we know?
What's relevant?
What's the most important thing?
What is the world telling you?
What could go right?
Why should we care?
Ask Provocative Questions...
Concept and questions from the book "Look at More" by Andy Stefanovich
Become the CMO...
Part of a leader's job description is setting the mood in your organization/team.
Good mood leads to good environment.
Good environment creates a good workplace.
A good workplace is where people want to stay.
Good Mood = People Staying
Concept and questions from the book "Look at More" by Andy Stefanovich
How many people are smiling as you walk through the halls?
What percentage of doors are closed? open?
Are you surprised & delighted at work on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis?
What time of day do you have a corporate laugh?
What would happen if you wore name tags that announced your daily mood?
Metrics for being a CMO...
"Back 50 yrs. ago content was precious, and distribution and organization were the key factors. But now, distribution is ubiquitous."
From the book "Curation Nation, Why the Future of Content is Context"
by Steven Rosenbaum
Context Matters
"Hey I'm looking for a job."
Today's Web Software
Business Processes
Interactive Community
Today's Project Management
Key Success Factor for
PM as Curator...
Good Communication
Right level of information
Key Elements for
Project Curator
Draft Documents
Project Glossaries
Project Templates
Uses for Wikis
in PM
Micro Blogging in PM
Tech Support
Blogs in PM
User Feedback
News & Info
Status Reports
Uses of Networking in PM
Recruiting Team Members
Finding Support
e.g. Linked-In, Facebook
Tips for continued project success - life long learning
Herding Cats
Projectmanagement.com (Gantthead)
Project Shrink
Girls Guide to Project Management
Intelligent Disobedience
Project Times
Reach out to
the community
LinkedIn Groups
Twitter Lists
#PMChat on Twitter
PM Podcast
People and Projects Podcast
The PMO Podcast
Project Manager as Curator = Leader
And Finally
Don't see yourself just as -
Ultimate problem solver
See yourself as -
Discover & Edit the excellence of the world
Bring the best new perspectives
Bring insights to inspire others - so that they can deliver great innovations
Nathaniel Quintana, PMP
- Twitter: @aka_q
- Twitter: @Minadavation
- www.Mindavation.com
Face Time
"...set out to do something because you'll enjoy doing it regardless of the outcome, then any kind of tangible reward is icing on the cake. The process itself is the reward."
Fred 2.0
' by Mark Sanborn
"Using Social Media to Enhance Project Planning"
- Why
- How
- What
Improves project results
"In today's environment, speed of execution counts, resources are scarce and cost need to be minimized."
Not Everything Is a Project
, Gartner; October 17, 2013
For links to resources visit
How does curation help you lead?
What is your passion?
What is your passion in action?
How can you incorporate more elements of passion 24/7/365 into your work?
"Work Persona" -VS- "Home Persona"
How well do you know your co-workers?
Do you love what you do? Why or Why not?
What does work-life integration mean to you?
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