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reason 1

No description

Karen Callis

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of reason 1

Jagger Young
:My Carreer

reason 1 (helping)
I get to help people who are bad or ill. Just like peaple helped me as a kid. I could give the hope of living when a patient starts to give up. I will help.
Step 2
I would need to study a lot of science of the human body.I would have to pay very close attention in the human body.I would go through several years of medical school.
The stuff that doctors get to do is awesome.They get to open up the human body.I would also get to see the insides of your body.
I would want this job because the cash. I would get paid a lot a year. I would get paid around $258,000 a year. I could pay all my bills and for food. Still I would have spare cash. It would make life easier.
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