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5th Grade Sculpture Project

No description

Hallie Linnebur

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of 5th Grade Sculpture Project

5th Grade Sculpture Project
Hallie Linnebur and Meghan Miller
So what kind of art do we make???
We make all kinds of art!
Little Free Library!
Q: What is a Little Free Library?
A Little Free Library is a small enclosure (like a box) full of books. They're usually outdoors, waterproof (to keep the books from getting wet) and free for anyone to use. People can borrow a book and bring it back when they're done with it. They can also leave new books there for other people to find. Also, every Little Free Library is registered on an official website, so anyone in the world can find ours and come visit it!
Painting, Sculpture, Costumes, Performance, Installation
We like to work together as a team
We like to do projects that are fun for us, and make things that we think are cool, or beautiful, or funny
We like to entertain people, interact with people, and make people smile!

Now the BIG question:
What are WE going to make?
Q. Why build one?
Well, we love to read! Don't you? We like the idea of giving kids (and adults) the chance to find new books to read, and also leave books for others, all on their own, any time they want! Many kids don't have a lot of books of their own to read, especially when school isn't in session. With a Little Free Library in the neighborhood, more kids have more books to read. Plus it's fun, because you never know what new books you'll find in there!

More facts about Little Free Libraries:
The Little Free Library Project was started by a man in Wisconsin in 2009 - only 5 years ago!
Today, there are more than 10,000 Little Free Libraries in the world.
There are five Little Free Libraries in Wichita.
Little Free Libraries can take any shape, as long as they can hold books and they're open to the public. There are contests every year for the best and most creative designs.
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