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on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of RU-485

But What Is It, You Ask?
Still RU-485
By now you must be wondering how it works

once again RU-485
surely there must be negative side effects?
actually, its not RU-485 this time
who helped make this presentation?

Thanks for paying attention
We appreciate your time and energy spent absorbing this information.
A pill
It can be taken up to forty-nine days after the last menstrual cycle
Something Dangerous
A Contraceptive
Is also part of a second pill, CYTOTEC
Within the first seven weeks of pregnancy, RU-485 is over 90 percent effective
RU-485 blocks the delivery of
, a hormone that supports the pregnancy
If the abortion is not confirmed within 36 to 48 hours by a doctor, she is given 2
softens the cervix
and causes contractions
This completes the process.
here,have a picture you probably can't understand
this drug has been proven
(it kills people)
in Canada, the USA, Sweden, and others, women have died because of this pill
most often by
(an infection of the bloodstream) or by excessive bleeding
the list of side effects is included on your factsheet, please do not be shy to read it
but what if something goes wrong?

if the abortion fails,
is recommended
if the baby survives,then it will most likely suffer from
physical and mental disabilities

no long-term research has been done on the pill's potential ability to raise the risks of cancer
many scientists
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