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No description

Lauren Frey

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Hippies

Hippies Hippie Lifestyle Trends The birth control pill was praised among
female hippies. Hippies were often labled
as swingers. The new birth control pill gave Hippies freedom to experiment with sex. Not only Hippies but regular people too. Hippies are not what we think they are. They're not just "tree
huggers" or other stereotypical things we call them. Hippies are actually best known for they're rejections of the society's morals and social attitude. Drugs Hippies were known to engage
in risky drug behaviour. During
the 60's, drugs like Marijuana,
LSD, and Cocaine were easily
accessible. Comminity Montessori Community Montessori
IS NOT a Hippie school. Fashion! The End! Play it safe
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