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Procession of the dead

No description

jordan lahens

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Procession of the dead

by Darren Shan
Procession of the dead
The book takes place in a fictional place called The City. It also takes place in party central. The capital of The City. The time is not mentioned but probably in the future.
Capac Raimi- is in his late twenties. Moves to The City. Plans on taking over his uncle's business. The longer he stays in The City the more he forgets his past

The Cardinal- Leader of The City. He is feared by most. Looking for an heir to take over.

Ama Situwa- love intrest to Capac. She also can't recall her past beyond living in The City.
Paucar Wami- he is a mysterious master assassin. He used to work for the The Cardinal. He kills as he pleases

Conchita Kubekik- She is the wife of The Cardinal. SHe has a diseas that causes her face to look much younger than she really is.

Minor Characters
Jordan Lahens
Main Characters
Point of view
The book is in first person. Capac the main protaganist tells the story
Target audience
The book is for young adults/adults
Capac Raimi moves to The City to take over his uncle's business. When his uncle dies The Cardinal decides to let Capac work for him. Soon after people start going missing and Capac is the only one who remembers them, but can't remember much about his life before he arrived in The City. Now Capac has to solve a mystery and kill anyone who gets in his way.
One of the themes is that destiny is pre-written. Everything that Capac did was planned by The Cardinal.
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