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Jasmine Bivens

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Freedonia

Constitutional Monarchy
We chose a Constitutional Monarchy. This is the right form of government because it will give the people in our country a say in rules, laws, and representatives. The King or Queen will be able to make decisions, but they must be approved by the people. This is good because our people were angry about their rights and freedoms.
Freedonia's Government!
Our Flag
Green is for nature because we wish to keep the land we have pure
Pink because we feel success that we rebuilt our country and made it a better place.
Red is for valor because we have the courage to fix and rebuild our fallen country from its ashes and create peace and a well-thought of country
The white resembles purity because we are having a pure and fresh start from the old times when things were not going well
The colors on our flag are white (purity), pink (success), red (valor), and green (nature)
Our symbol is a swan because we are blossoming and flying towards better times and will flourish
Constitutional monarchy
Republic of Freedonia
A constitutional monarchy will help our citizens because they will have a designated leader and no one will have to argue or fight over the ruler. Also, the people will have a say in all laws or acts being taken upon the country. This will make the people of Freedonia pleased because it will give them more freedom.
Capitalism Economy
A capitalist economy is a good choice because people will have power to run and own a company by themselves, and have exchange of wealth.
Power by blood (heir to the throne)
The leaders will be given power by blood. People in the "royal" family are heir to the throne and we given the power once the monarch above them has passed away or decided to pass the power onto the heir.
Exchange of wealth means that one single person or cooperation may keep the money they earn by selling or distributing products.
Creation and Running of Laws
The monarch will have power to run laws and order by hiring citizens of his/her choice for the certain position. In addition, the monarch will be able to create laws, with the approval of the government and citizens. If a law is disapproved of by either the people or government, they can veto the proposed law.
Foreign Policies
Our government will deal with foreign countries by reacting and collaborating. War will only be started if another country attempts or proposes war or harm to our country. We will trade with other countries the supplies and resources we need. If a country has extreme, deadly weapon build ups and threatens them against us we will try to collaborate the best we can with that country to try to stop the threats and figure out a way to come to an agreement.
Domestic Policies
The domestic policies our country will give first priority to are freedom of expression, poverty, and racism. We will address these problems by possibly putting in a little extra money to help poverty and people living in poverty. Freedom of expression will be dealt with by allowing all citizens to say, wear, publish, or write what they wish. People who show any racism will be arrested and charged for bulling, harming, harassing, etc. any race that they do not agree with. Polices that will be put in place are limits. Racism will not be tolerated. Poverty will be recognized and action will be taken upon it. Freedom of expression will not have limits unless it is used to harm someone. These are first priority because they are of highest values to our country.
Bill of Rights
1. Citizens of Freedonia will have freedom of expression. This right may only be limited if someone uses it to harm someone.
2. Citizens of Freedonia will be able to run and own a business.
3. Citizens of Freedonia will be able to purchase things that they wish. Some items much be purchased with a permit.
4. Citizens of Freedonia will have the right to bear arms.
5. No one will be able to search someones private property without a search warrant.
6. Citizens of Freedonia will be allowed to vote at the age of 18, and anyone will be allowed to vote.
7. To be considered a full Citizen of Freedonia, someone must stay in Freedonia for 5 years and must first be admitted and be considered a legal immigrant.
by: Katelyn Knight, Kevin Patterson, Jasmine Bivens, Missy Fischer, and Ashton Van Cleave
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