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Affordable Housing and Homelessness

A closer look at the history of affordable housing and homelessness and the role community plays in this issue.

Susan Tran

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Affordable Housing
and Homelessness Historical Approaches
in addressing this issue Role of Community Examples of Community building
and Leadership Strategies Local Community Based Efforts This presentation was brought to you by:

Amanda Balcer
Dareon Cartman
Brandon Johnson
Jacob Taddy
Susan Tran Questions/Comments? The Road Home serves homeless familes
withe children in collaboration with local
faith communities and organizations. Youth services of Southern Wisconsin
provides innovative services dedicated to
strengthening and improving the lives of youth,
their families, and our community. The Dane County Housing Authority works to further affordable housing for low-income families through the administration of a variety of assistance programs. Porchlight is the largest supplier of low-cost
housing in Dane County and is comprised of an
emergency shelter for men, and housing and
services for men and women suffering from
serious mental illnesses. Habitat for Humanity works to build homes
for the homeless and advocate on their behalf. The Housing Operations Division provides core services necessary to operate important, federally funded, low income housing programs. Everyone needs a place to call home – a safe haven
and shelter from the storm; a place to settle and
be nurtured. The YWCA has designed several services
that address this need and help women and their
families find their place in the world. Haiti Emergency Relief New Orleans Madison's Inclusionary
Zoning Affordable Housing
Trust Fund
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