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The Universal Library

No description

Tracy Hanson

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of The Universal Library

The Universal Library
for Learning

The ULL is designed through the global collaboration of educators, parents and learners creating resources to support any learner, anywhere, any age, in developing a
Personalized Learning Pathway
is a tool which
educators, parents and learners
use to design their learning path.
What do we need to do?
Think differently about how education is delivered. Eliminate grade levels and expectations associated with them.
Exploring and learning
are natural
Universal Library for Learning
"What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge,
not knowledge in pursuit of the child."
- George Bernard Shaw
What we have are standards driving learning. It's not working.
In fact, Standards drive the teachers who take the blame for stacking the "cart".
What does that look like?
Problem Solving
Interest-driven learning: learner choses what, when and how he learns. Applying knowledge to show mastery fills the cart.
Learning and Innovation Skills
Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Life and Career Skills
What is it?
Support teachers in switching from group instruction to individual facilitation.
Offer frequent opportunities for educators and parents to explore the philosophies, experiment with the tools, create materials not just for their child or class but for learners around the world.
Form Personal Learning Communities, collaborate
with others, pilot materials being built, and
most of all bring back the joy of learning.
And fun!
Just ask your kids.
Teachers talk
How will you teach her?
Get Involved
Make a Difference

PK - 12
Learners will select from interactive, engaging materials created by the global collaboration of creative educators, parents and fellow learners. A learner may begin by selecting a lesson or two at a time needing daily facilitation using the library. As they become more familiar and comfortable with their planning, they will begin to select longer assignments, units and courses.
Vocational Tech
with extended learning opportunities designed to give learners global experience in the field of choice.
: Learners may take courses when they've shown mastery of the prerequsite materials. This section will grow as more colleges develop and offer courses as an OER or MOOC.
Life Long Learning
where a wide variety of classes and courses are designed by and for those with similar interests or talents.

Accomplishments throughout learning are digitally badged with what, when, and how learning took place, what artifacts were produced and what standards were addressed.
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