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The Aztecs by Zain, Finn, and Nathan


Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of The Aztecs by Zain, Finn, and Nathan

By: Finn, Nathan and Zain The Aztecs The Aztecs Food and water sources By Finn, Zain, and Nathan Tenochtitlan country = Mesoamerica Region\geographical location\natural resources: They were warriors, speakers, they offered spiritual stuff to the gods, and hunted with spiked clubs, swords, and knives. Men's roles They cook, make clothes, beautiful gardens, and their punishment was sweeping at..... NIGHT! ( they were afraid of evil gods that came out at night Women's work Duck and turkey were the main meat in the Aztecs life.
Corn, squash, Chile peppers and sweet potatoes were their veggies. The drank beer, and water inside of cactus. Flint, rocks, clay, mud, bones, silver, coal Resources Region Chocolate Chocolate was founded by the Aztecs in the form of a drink. Craft/materials and culture They make pools, sun pendents mud bricks, and clay bowls Dwellings and/ = homes They make clay houses out of the the clay bricks in the middle of the house there is a fire pit with a hole in the top of the house. Tools and weapons They made bows, spears, clubs, and sticks with spikes at the end of it. Languages they had written languages Bibliography MacDonald Fiona (2003) strange histories the Aztec,Hong Kong

Hull Robert (2011) The Aztec Empire, New York

Hall, .j Elanor (2004) LIFE AMONG THE AZTECS, Farmington hills, Thomson Gale
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