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Zoo by Edward D. Hoch

No description

caitlyn torrenueva

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Zoo by Edward D. Hoch

Zoo by Edward D. Hoch
What is this?
Top of microphone
"The children were always good during the month of August.." (par 1)
Q:Why where they so good? What were they looking forward too?
A: At first we thought it could possibly be because of a birthday but then we continued to read and found out they were excited about the annual zoo.
"...The sides slowly slid up to reveal the familiar barred cages." (par 3)
Q: Where the creatures forced in these cages? how do they feel about being inside of these cages? are they scared?
A: No the creatures weren't scared they felt protected by the bars (p.10) . They also paid to be in these cages so they can see the humans on earth.
"..Constantly chattered in a high-pitched tongue" (par3)
Q: What were they chattering about? Were the chatters cries?
A:The creatures were talking about the remarkable sight they saw. They have never seen humans before. They were talking about the humans just like the humans were talking about them.
"Professor Hugo was there to say a few parting words.."(par.8)
Q: How did professor Hugo communicate with the creatures AND the humans? Is he himself human?
A: It is never answered in the story. We do not know what he is, but we know that he is a very smart entrepreneur who learned how to take advantage of everyone.
C: Usually when we hear the word "zoo" we instantly think of a place that we visit to go see wild animals such as lions and elephants, etc.
In this case, the zoo is a place that comes to us and has extraterrestrials in cages rather than animals.
"...real treat for your single dollar..." (p.4) "It is well worth the 19 compocs it costs." (p.10)
C: Although Professor Hugo is taking advantage of both kinds, neither the humans or the creatures are unsatisfied. It may be wrong of him but in the end they're all happy.
"'But isn't it dangerous?'asked the she-creature" (par.10)
C: From a humans perspective, the unknown creatures would be dangerous to us. But in reality, we are the ones who are the threats.
"There are bars to protect us from them."(par.10)
C:In a real zoo all animals are kept in cages. We think this is to protect us from them, but in their point of view they are the ones being protected from us.
Turtle shell
"..little one nodded. 'It was the best Zoo ever...'" (p.10)
C: This relates to the picture we showed about the professor. The creatures saw the humans as a zoo, nut from the humans perspective the creatures were the zoo. Every situation is different from someone else's point of view.
Purpose: To inform the reader that the reality of a situation fully depends on your perspective , and there is more than one side to every story
Audience:The audience could be people who are one track minded and refuse to look at things from other people's perspective. The audience could also be people with fears, as well as entrepreneurs.
Subject: fears, extraterrestrials,
Tone: serious, scary, curious
Theme: our fears can cause us to be closed minded but we shouldn't be ignorant to whats out there
we may be physically different from others but we all still share similarities such as emotions (fear, compassion, curiousness, etc.)
"Tiny alien-looking skeleton discovered in Chilean desert has scientists stumped" by David Knowles

"Professor Hugo was there to say a few parting words..." (p.9)
C: Text to Text- Men in Black
"The minuscule growth rate is just one of the oddities surrounding the skeleton. The specimen, for example, has just 10 ribs, whereas a healthy human has 12, LiveScience reported, and 9% of the skeleton’s genes did not match up with a reference human genome."
Google part 2
"Area 51" in Southern Nevada
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