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Thai President Foods Public Company Limited

No description

thanat kasayapanand

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Thai President Foods Public Company Limited

Thai President Foods Public Company Limited
Was established on February 15, 1972.

With a joint venture between President Enterprise Co., Ltd. of Taiwan and Saha Pattanaphibul Co., Ltd.

Was to produce instant noodles under the "MAMA" brand.

The Company have been listed the Stock Exchange of Thailand and become a Public Company in 1994.

Main Business

Main Business is the manufacturer of “Mama" trademark and also the manufacturer of biscuits and wafers products under “Bissin" and “Homey" trademarks.

Corporate Social Responsibility

- Scholarship for employee’s children.

- Donating Supplies.

In conclusion, all of this is about our company and you have get lots of information from us ,so we will do the better in the future.

Scholarship for employee’s children

To improve our country’s education levels.


To be a scholarship for employee’s children.

Scholarship for employee’s children
We are going to

Organize some actives in the school.


Our expectation is can be improve education of children.

Donating Supplies

We are a part of social.


To help person who get effect from natural disaster.

Donating Supplies
We are going to

Sending some foods to supply them
and taking some doctors go to help them.


To help this situation immediately.

Thanat K. 5545114
Zhen Z. 5617888
Panyawut S. 5647319

Thank You
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