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EDS 471

Black Arts Movement & Me


on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of EDS 471

The Black Arts Movement & Me
Lucy Kim

(6 weeks social studies
curricular unit for the 11th grade) ::Overview/vision:: * to explore the history of the Black Arts Movement through literary, theatrical, musical, artistic, and dance areas of the Black Arts Movement

* there will be an exploration of...
- common themes: unity, fight against oppression, self-expression, freedom, etc
- purpose of the Black Arts Movement and how the movement empowered the people that were behind it
- each student’s identity leading into a gradual creation and understanding of their own movement

Their own movement will encompass
- an understanding of their own ideals, beliefs, and values, i.e. identity

collaborating with the...
- gradual growth of their classmates with discussion, presentations, and reflections
- & the black arts movement

culminating into...
- creation of creative pieces to express themselves and their movements, which will conclude with a final presentation and live show of each student’s movement at the end of the unit Essential Questions 1. Objectively, what is the Black Arts Movement? What did it fight for? What was the purpose?
2. Personally, what is the Black Arts Movement?
3. How does knowledge of this movement influence your own self-perception?
4. What is your identity and movement? What do you stand for? Day one lesson plan 1
Objective: 1) To get to know one another, 2) introduce the subject of the Black Arts Movement, and 3) pique their curiosity towards each other and the Black Arts Movement.


1. Each student will write on an index card the following- Name, Age, Aspiration, Cultural/National affiliation, Hobbies, Interests, What do you know about the BAM so far (can be nothing, something, whichever).

a) Afterward the class will read their index cards out loud and take turns putting the index cards on a designated area on the wall.

2. Show clip introducing the class to the Black Arts Movement
Core Questions / Discussion- Write reflection in journal about the clip that was just shown.
a) How did the clip make you feel?
b) From what you saw from the clip and your own prior knowledge, what is the Black Arts Movement?
c) What impressed you from watching this clip?
d) Did you recognize any thing portrayed from the clip?
3. Pair up and share reflections

Homework: Read handout, “Historical Overviews of the Black Arts Movement” LP 1-5 : General overview/literary
LP 6-10: theater in the bam
LP 11-15: art & photography in the bam
LP 16-20: music in the bam
LP 21-25: dance in the bam & community service days
LP 26-30: preparation & final show the rundown week one by the end of week one students will...
-introduce themselves
-be introduced to the black arts movement
-create a timeline of the bam
-be introduced to various poets
-write their own personal poems
-present on a poet/& their poem
week two by the end of week two students will...
-be introduced to theater (raisin in the sun, black theater 1950-1980)
-write a paper using raisin in the sun as context
-watch raisin in the sun
day six lesson plan 6
Objective: 1) Introduce the area of theatre during the Black Arts Movement to the class.

1. Watch Black Theater, 1950-1980 Artist Interviews
2. Reflect on Video
a. How did Theater play a role in the Black Arts Movement? How did it contribute? What did it add? What role did it play for the people?
b. What do you think about the challenges and struggles that were faced by the actors, producers, and directors?

Homework: Assign paper (due by Lesson Plan 10) tying A Raisin in the Sun and the Black Arts Movement together. Use A Raisin in the Sun as supplementary background text to the time period of the Black Arts Movement. Possible themes- dreams, racial discrimination, oppression, and family. How do these themes play out in the Black Arts Movement? After reading this play, why was the Black Arts Movement necessary? Be creative, can use outside sources.

Supplementary Materials:
a) Black Theater, 1950-1980 Artist Interviews week three by the end of week three students will have...
-been introduced to art of the bam
-look at art works & photography
-learn about the wall of respect
-create a wall of respect
-create two photo collections about themselves & the bam
-present on their collections to the class day 11
lesson plan 11
Objective: 1) Introduce art of the Black Arts Movement, and 2) look at various artistic creations and reflect.

1. Look at various art pieces by Murry DePillars, Dana Chandler, Lois Mailou Jones, Bernard Hoyes, Frank Morrison, Palmer Hayden, Jacob Lawrence, Aaron Douglas, Al Loving, Ed Clark, Joe Overstreet, Jack Whitten, and William T. Williams
2. Look at various photographers- Moneta Sleet, Bruce Davidson, Herbert Randall
3. Discussion from artwork
a. What themes/messages are conveyed in the artwork? (Looking at individual pieces)
b. What were your impressions after looking at the various art works?
c. Can you see where there could be conflict from the various artists against one another? (Conservative vs. Black Nationalist artists)
4. Reflect in journal about discussion from today, personal thoughts on questions that arose.


a) Read “Black Light on the Wall of Respect: The Chicago Black Arts Movement”

Supplementary Materials:
a) PowerPoint Presentation of all the artworks that will be discussed
b) Article for Homework moneta sleet jr. day 13-14 Lesson Plan 13
Objective: 1) Photo Journey Day.

1. Each student will receive a disposable camera and the class will go to the downtown area. The class will split up into pairs/triples and go around the area with cameras. Objective is to take pictures that speak to you about the Black Arts Movement. It is a creative, free activity, no restrictions, or limitations.
2. Reflect on daily activity
a. How was it? (difficult, easy)
b. How did you feel before and after the activity?
3. Turn in first camera for developing

a) Reflection paper due tomorrow
b) Fill up second camera with pictures that speak to you personally on your own identity, beliefs, values, etc.

Supplementary Materials:
a) Disposable Camera

Lesson Plan 14
Objective: 1) Discuss personal reflections from homework, and 2) work on photo project relating to Black Arts Movement.

1. Split up into four groups to share reflections
2. Three volunteers or four representatives read their reflections aloud & discuss
3. Curate your collection of photographs relating to the Black Arts Movement
a. What is the message you are trying to convey with your photographs?
b. Add individual captions or messages to each picture.
c. Put them in “order.”
d. Why have you made your collection in this way?
e. What emotion or impression are you trying to create?
4. Turn in second camera with personal theme pictures

a) Finish up first collection to present tomorrow

Supplementary Materials:
a) Poster board or paper
b) Art materials to create collection (markers, glue, tape, etc) week four by the end of week four students will...
-be introduced to music in the bam
-listen to musicians (clips)
-analyze a song
-write a paper on a personal song to represent you
-create a creative piece of music + lyrics
-share a music piece to the class (unoriginal) correlating to bam
-presentation on papers & music day 17
Lesson Plan 17
Objective: 1) Listen to musicians, and 2) discuss.

1. Listen to Bessie Smith “Nobody Knows When You’re Down and Out”
Abbey Lincoln “Throw it Away”
Archie Shepp “Mama Rose”
James Brown “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”
The Impressions “We’re a Winner”
2. Discussion
a. Which piece did you like/dislike? Why?
b. Could you relate to any song in particular?
c. What was the overall message or theme you found through these songs?
3. Reflection
a. Choose one song and analyze it. What is the message? What is the emotion conveyed? How does the singer convey it? How does this song make you feel? Does it inspire you?

a) Write a reflection paper on what type of music you would choose to represent your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc. Create a musical piece with lyrics to correlate with your paper. The music piece can have instruments to support or not. It can be live or recorded. First half of the paper should be discussion of which type of music and the second half should discuss the original piece explaining and supporting your choice. It is due on LP 20 for presentation.

Supplementary Materials:
a. Songs for activity 1.

week five by the end of week five students will...
-be introduced to dance in the bam
-watch various types of dance (clips)
-write a research paper on any type of dance
-read articles
-serve community for more extensive research and follow through
-present on papers & dance clips day 21 lesson plan 21
Objective: 1) View clips, and 2) discuss.

1. View clips
a. Cakewalk
b. Bill Bojangles- tap dancing
c. Dance Theatre of Harlem
d. “Dancing in the Light: Strange Fruit”
e. The Temptations “My Girl”
2. Discuss article “The History of Black Dance in America” and clips.
a. How has dance evolved?
b. How has dance been used by people to express themselves through this history?
c. How do dance and the Black Arts Movement collaborate?
d. Impressions and thoughts about dance clips seen.

a. Read, “Where are all the Black Swans?”
b. Write 3-5 page research paper on any type of dance. Where did it originate? For what purpose was it created? How has it evolved? Bring a clip of dance for presentation. Due on LP 25.

Supplementary Materials:
a. Video clips
b. Article “Where are all the Black Swans?” day 23-24 Lesson Plan 23
Objective: 1) Serve the community for a day.

1. The class will go to local retirement home to spend time with the elderly.
Some tasks will be to
a. Get to know the elderly (their life story, culture, beliefs, significant events, history)
b. Gather information about elderly to expand their own ideas about themselves and their lives. Gain broader perspectives, become more open minded.
2. Reflect on day in journal
a. Who did you get to know?
b. What did you learn about them, about yourself?

Homework & Supplementary Materials: None

Lesson Plan 24
Objective: 1) Serve the community for a day.

1. Go to a local elementary school to interact with the students. The students will be mentors to the elementary kids for a day.
a. Purpose: to gain broader perspective of themselves, their abilities, the significance of their own lives, and important resource they can become to the elementary students.
2. Reflect on day in journal
a. Impressions
b. Emotion after interacting with students for a day
c. What did you learn?

a. Finish paper & prepare for presentation

Supplementary Materials: None the final project & show
Final project “The Student’s Movement”

Using information from this class and research from outside sources, write a research paper answering the question “What is the Black Arts Movement” and “What does the Black Arts Movement mean for you?” The second half of the paper should be a personal autobiographical portion where the student explores their cultural, national, personal, and social identity exploring and reflecting on themselves as they have been doing for the Movement. They should consider their identity and in what direction they feel they are being led, how their identity is portrayed in their life, etc. It is essentially a commentary on their “own movement.” Portraying what the movement (they) stands for, what they believe in, how the movement is expressed, and etc…

The paper will accompany the works they have created throughout the 6 weeks: the poet’s poem & info (LP4), personal poem (LP5), theater paper (LP6), the Wall of Respect mural, timeline of Black Arts Movement, photo collections 1 & 2, music paper & music (LP20), dance paper (LP25), and the journal they have kept throughout the semester. It will all be presented on LP days 29 & 30 as a gallery of students’ individual movements. Once to the greater community including the elders and elementary students they met, and once to the school & parents. the final week
Lesson Plan 26-28
Objective: 1) Prepare for show & final project

1. Students will have time to prepare for the show & finalize the gallery.

The show will take place in the evening after the class ends. The show will encompass the students’ poetry recitations of their poet and their own creations, and their musical creations. Each student will also be asked to prepare a 3-5 minute presentation of his or her movement to present during the show. The student must have a visual representation to aid in their presentation of his or her movement.

Lesson Plan 29-30
Objective: 1) Show & gallery of works of each student’s movement.

1. The students will present a show of the creative pieces they created throughout the unit. They will also give a presentation showcasing their movements. A gallery of all the student’s pieces will follow the show.
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