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Science of Fangirling.

No description

Deni Glenn

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Science of Fangirling.

Science of Fangirling.
by Denise Glenn.

What is my Project?
My expirement
Because fangirling is closely realted to social media I used it as a strong influence in my project.
I observed their physical behaviors and wrote down all of the outward reactions positive and negative.
I also had them write down their positive and negative thoughts.
What is Fangirling?
A Study of cute aggression.
Why is this important?
Physical Characteristics of Fangirling.
high pitched squealing
jumping up and down
hyperactive activity
buying or merchandise
Types of fan girls.
Semi-fan girl: really likes something.
Standard- fan girl: Predicable annoying fan girl.
Rabid fan girl: life size cardboard cut outs. Loses sleep.
Defined as "A girl showing great and excessive interest in a artist, TV show, book series,comic or basically anything really."
A you tube station did a study on why we have negative affects on feelings of happiness.
Fangirling and cute agression.
I think they are so filled with so much emotion. they let it out physically or with noises. Like weight lifting.
How do they feel?
I used a range of students from junior high to sienor year. A mix of backgrounds. A mix of likes and dislike.
Plain room with nothing particularly interesting in it. I put groups of different sizes. Exposed them to environment with adults and without.
Action +
I saw a lot of laughing and smiling. Almost all of the reactions that where positive denoted to a happy state of being.
Actions -
I saw confusion and disappointment or simply no significant reaction whatsoever.
Words like " happy,goofy,excited."
"I want to dance"
"I just about died laughing."
"I am OLAF" <- cosplay
"didn't make me happy"
"Killing all my brain cells."
"Too happy"

Big finger guns to Mr.Hepworth and Mr.Swan for letting use their rooms and putting up with my crap.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
The common social media form of the word fangirling has a scientific background. There is neuroscience behind the scenes in this popular phrase.
Actions speak louder than words.
Its the thought that counts.
A huge thanks to all those who participated in my experiment!
Well the study of behavior can help us understand others in out community without being biast.
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