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L.A. Crash

No description

Annika Müller

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of L.A. Crash

L.A. Crash
John Ryan as a dynamic character

Watch the two scenes on mute.
3.2 Analyzing language
Watch the first scene again, now with the dialog and the following scene.
Was your first impression right?
What would you do, if you were in Officer Hansons situation?
Discuss in class:
What makes someone a bad person?
What makes someone a good person?
Are there only good and bad people?
What makes people change?

Structure of my presentation
1. "L.A. Crash"
2. John Ryan
3. Revision: How to characterize
4. Characterizing of John Ryan by analyzing the mentioned aspects
5. Group discussion
John Ryan
Are there still questions or things you don't understand?
3.3 Analyzing relationships
1. The movie "L.A. Crash"
episode movie
released in 2004
Directed by
Paul Haggis
Deals with a
group of people living
in Los Angeles
Their stories fade
into each other and
end in a car crash
Deals with racism, preconceptions and personal conflicts
3.5 Character dynamics
3.1 Analyzing body language and mimic
What could Ryan have said
Ms Johnson?
Write down your first impression of Ryan.
(1 min.)
Wants to express authority
Looks people directly in the eyes
Wants to intimidate others
Face expression is often serious, sometimes even sad
Speaks with a calm but loud voice.
Uses curse words when in a stressing situation
Watch Ryan interacting with his father.
Is Ryans body language or way of speaking different in this scene?
How do you think is Ryans relationship to his father?
Watch the conversation between
Ryan and Ms Johnson.
What do both demand
from one another?
Which opinion about people of color is he indirectly expressing?

3.4 Looking for
character traits
Look at your notes. Discuss with your neighbor(s) about possible character traits of Ryan Johnson (3 - 5 min.)
Good traits
Bad traits
Watch the scene with the car crash.
How does Ryans voice
change in this scene?
Discuss briefly in your
groups, why a shot from
this scene is on the
DVD cover. (3 min.)
Look at Ryan in his last scenes.
Imagine how we will act afterwards. Will he apologize to Ms Johnson, Christine or Hanson? How would he formulate his apology? (3 min.)
Ryan cares about his father.
He admires him.
His father is in a certain degree depended on him due to his illness.
What Ryan fails to realize in this situation, is that Ms Johnson does not demand a heartbreaking life story, but respect for her work.
Ryan indirectly says that Ms Johnson has her job not because of her qualities, but because the insurance wanted to create a certain ethnic diversity.
Ryan projected his frustration about his helplessness on other people.
Seeing Christine as a person who needs his help, who depends on him because of his job caused his character development
This scene also shows how individuals in a society depend on each other.
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