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Urban tribe: rappers

No description

Juan Martín Cajiao

on 1 August 2017

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Transcript of Urban tribe: rappers

Tattoos in rappers
Stereotypes around rap
Characteristics of a rapper: clothing
Urban tribe: rappers
It has its roots in Jamaica in the 70´s
Rap is an expression of social criticism
This genre is really popular among the marginal zones, in which the people communicate its feelings through rap.
Baggy t-shirt
Baggy jeans
Snapback caps
Jewerly (chains, watches)
Chunky hip-hop glasses
High tops and boots
While rap was taking force, parallel, an
artistic, cultural and social expression was emerging: the well known "graffiti".

Rappers tend to have a lot of tattoos; they
usually remember their roots trough
them, as well as they have some critics
against the system, for example.
This genre is commonly associated with:
Breaking stereotypes
AKA, the rapper that fights against the social problems and develops programs to care the environment.
Relation between rap and graffiti
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