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Gothic Literature: Edward Scissorhands!

No description

Skye Edwards

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Gothic Literature: Edward Scissorhands!

Edwards is a grotesque character because he was as we phrase in today's society "physically impaired". He just wants to be thought of as everyone else and when he tries to express his love and compassion it sometimes goes wrong which has a major downfall considering he doesn't look the part of the perfect community.
Grotesque Character!
Unusual Locales, Settings!
Violent Events!
In some scenes of the movie, Edward is shown to be violent and angry because of all of trouble he was causing unintentionally with his hands. The violent events could also relate to other American gothic element’s such as: emotional states of mind and women in distress. Edward Scissorhands became emotionally attached or became “in love” with Kim. Kim’s boyfriend, Kevin, became unfriendly towards Edward which put Kim in distress, which later resulted in Kevin's death.
Bizarre Situations!
Alexia Bennett, Nichean Brewer, Skye Edwards, Samuel Gay, & Fatima Mendoza
Gothic Literature: Edward Scissorhands!
Terror, Horror!
Time: (92:15)-(95:45)
People are so frightened by Edward that they don't see how he could try and help them rather than hurting them. It eventually leads to Edward killing someone for one of the few people that cared about him.
Tim Burton uses the supernatural element of magic in the film Edward Scissorhands which are Edward's scissor hands. This shows he is only person with an odd abnormality, causing him to have advantages and disadvantages. He could help others from a distance without causing any harm, but if he gets to close with anyone, he causes them discomfort. For example, he can make art out of bushes and make unique hairstyles for both people and dogs, yet he ends up cutting himself which is shown by the scars on his face. This entails that he is useless to himself, but useful to others.
Time: (47:41)-(50:55)
With Edward having scissors for hands, he is not able to put on clothes properly, eat with silverware, or do anything that requires real hands. Burton, in those cases, is showing that Edward needs help doing certain things because of the way he was built, which makes it funny.
Time: (89:00)-(90:40)
Edward is found in a grand, castle-like house where he was born/created which begins the plot of the gothic film. The castle is considered to be an unusual locale because when thinking of castles, there is mainly a positive thought behind that. The Avon lady Peg found Edwards hiding in the depth of the shadows of the abandoned mansion, and it is portrayed as unusual for someone to be in solitude in an abandoned house.
Time: (9:30)-(11:00)
Time: (92:00)-(95:00)
Tim Burton displays this bizarre situation where Joyce tries to seduce Edward as if she has acquired some sort of fatal attraction towards him. This is bizarre because at first she treated Edward as if he wasn’t a human being, but now she is physically attracted to him and trying to have physical relations with him.
Through the use of Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton shows what is on the outside does not represent what is on the inside.
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