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Money, money, money...

No description

Anne Fahsel

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Money, money, money...

Money, money, money...
What do the pictures have in common?
Do you know?
1) History
2) Importance
3) Currencies
4) Being Rich
5) Earn Money in our Age
6) Richest Persons
7) Sources
Money is...
... generally recognized mediums of exchange and means of payment.

... state-approved or an inserted medium.

... an economic exchange asset.
1) History
increasing divisions of work

growing transport of exchange

single objects / assets
= preferential exchange object
after 14th century: "coined instrument of payment"
19th century: gold standard
1930: most greatest countries quit gold standard
2) Importance
an international way of trading goods and services
builds societies and circulates economies
in our society: no money = basic needs not accomplishable
In the end, MONEY is
3) Currencies
= order of the complete monetary system
currency rate:
= exchange relationship of 2 currencies
symbolize economical force of country

over 160 official currencies
US-Dollar and Euro = international lead currencies

£ = pound
$ = dollar
¥ = yen
€ = euro
₦ = naira

country currency
country currency
country currency
country currency
Belgian franc
French franc
Czechoslovak koruna
Czecho- slovakia
Currency Converter
Currency sign
4) Being Rich
want to be
filthy rich
in the future?
4) Being Rich
Advantages of Being Rich
Being rich also means you are successful.
You have more variety of things you can buy.
You don't need a job.
Your life is easier.
4) Being Rich
You never know if you have real friends.
In some cases you're just like everyone else... you might be extremely lonely or suffer from depression.
You always want more and you're never satisfied with what you have.
If there are rich people, there must be also poor people.
4) Being Rich
have to
how to
deal with money
5) Earn Money in our Age
General Jobs
shovel snow
jobs around house and garden
errands for old-people
car wash
Handicraft Work
do it yourself and sell (Christmas, Easter, ...)
collect things for handicraft works (autumn: press leaves; spring: press flowers; ...)
Use your Talent
private lessons
events in your club
participate at competitions
> more people = more fun and
bigger works

> advertisement in newspaper to
keep an eye on you
> for kids, old-people, handicraft lovers

> children's/ old people's home, home for handicapped

> don't charge much money
Bric-a-Brac Market
clean out your wardrobe, garret, cellar, garage
easy, simple drinks and snacks

clean out your wardrobe, garret, cellar, garage
CDs/DVDs, computer games, books,...
> always find some stuff you don't need any longer

> inform people about your investment
> ask parents

> define price

> don't sell damaged things
Workplace at Home
work by Apps
Online - Studies
focus groups
medical studies
> be care of faked Apps/ provider
> be care of faked provider
7) Sources
(8th June 2014, 10.23 am)
(9th June 2014, 3.53 pm)
(9th June 2014, 3.24 pm)
6) Richest Persons
#5 Larry Ellison
age: 69
from United States
software concern ORACLE
Net Worth: $51.7 B
#4 Amancio Ortega
age: 78
from Spain
fashion chain ZARA
Net Worth: $64.3 B
#3 Warren Buffett
age: 83
from United State
investment company: Berkshire Harthaway (insurance)
Net Worth: $64.8 B
#2 Carlos Slim Helu and family
age: 74
from Mexico
Net Worth: $72 B
#1 Bill Gates
age: 58
from United States
Net Worth: $78.4 B
A life without money - possible or unimaginable?
Brockhaus Enzyklopädie Band 8, F.A. Brockhaus Mannheim, 18. Auflage, 1989 Mannheim
Do you have questions about your money?
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