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MIFS Presentation

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Jesslyne Tang

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of MIFS Presentation

Malayan Banking Berhad (full name)

Largest bank and financial group in Malaysia

Establish at 31 May 1960 by tycoon Khoo Teck Puat

Provide banking and finance service to public
Main Activities
Focus on two major business areas : personal banking and business banking

Personal banking: credit and debit cards, investment, and unit trust

Business banking: insurance service through Mayban MAST and BIZ GrouPA, treasury services

Other sectors involve: investment banking, Islamic banking and commercial banking
Credit Card
*First launched on October 1997 with blue and grey colour

*Different type and feature credit card offered

*Maybankard Visa Infinete, Maybankard 2 Platinum card, Maybank 2 Gold Card

*For example Maybankard Auto Paybills, enable bills charge into credit card when due

Example of Credit cards
Maybankard Visa Infinete

Maybankard 2 Platinum card
Maybank 2 Gold Card
Maybankard World Mastercard

CRM Strategy

Teradata Relationship Manager

Data is easily extracted

Able to understand customers behavior

Needs expert

Positive result
Teradata System
Teradata System
Maybankard.net System
Maybank Secure Online Shopping

Transaction Processing System
Require a terminal device & Merchant Account
Suitable for large corporations
Minimum quota
Data integrity & hash signature
Unique ID for security purpose


Security System
~Protect fraud transactions
Requires Cardholder’s information
Traditional way is more preferred
~Reduces fraudulent risk

*Almost all banks offer credit cards

*Maybank implements Maybankard Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) to differentiate from its competitors:

- gives an extra level of protection for credit card online shopping via MSOS code
- merchants are able to request an online verification of card users
- protect both merchants and card users from fraudulent transactions
- free of charge

1. High Threat of new entrant
~Fierce rivalry among competitors

~Huge number of competitors

~Low customer switching cost

5. Intensity of rivalry among competitors
i) Low bargaining power of suppliers
- machine and IS are bought in bulk
- good relationship between suppliers

ii) High bargaining power of suppliers
- limited choices of substitute suppliers

4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Low threat of substitute products

Limited substitute products

Maybank enhances its Credit cards services through:
~(i) AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) method - securely encrypting critical information stored in the Maybankard.net MPI database
~(ii) 3D Secure Authentication protocol - e-commerce payment processing requirement for MasterCard and Visa
~(iii) generates a unique ID and password - authenticate the merchant when processing payment
2. Threat of substitute products
# Low bargaining power of buyers
# Maybank differentiate through Maybankard.net system
- is a system of e-commerce payment authentication service
- takes care of customers’ entire acquisition process (from verifying merchant credentials and integrity of transaction data)
- able to authenticate certificate-based merchant and their history, search and extract
- able to process MYR and USD currency transactions and accept worldwide credit card (Visa and MasterCard) payments

3. Bargaining Power of Buyers
Strategic System Analysis
The value chain for Maybank Credit Cards
help the organization to enhance its competitive advantage
make the most effective use of Information Technology to increase their competitive capability

Value Chain
Primary Activities
Support Activities
Primary Activities
Inbound logistics

-Activities which receiving and storing materials for distribution to production

-Transforms inputs into finished products
-business collaboration systems, transaction processing systems, and office management system
Sales and marketing

-promoting and selling company product or services


-maintain and enhance the product's value including customer support
-handling Online Shopping (MSOS) and Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)

Outbound Logistics

-activities required to get the finished product to the customer, including warehousing, order fulfillment.
-customer relationship management (CRM)

-activities and processes to acquire goods and services for a business
helping users in the sourcing, development and execution of all types contract documentation and agreements

-relate to managing and processing information, as well as protecting a company's knowledge base
-Transaction processing System (TPS), Decision Support System (DSS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Management Information Systems (MIS) and others

-how well a company recruits, hires, trains, motivates, rewards, and retains its workers
giving training in communication, computer skills, customer service, quality initiatives, diversity and other related scope
-gain benefit such as reduced employee turnover, increase in customer, decrease the need for supervision, increase the capacity to adopt new technologies, increase efficiencies which resulting in financial gain, increase the job satisfaction and increase the innovation in strategies and products.

-company's support systems, and the functions that allow it to maintain daily operations

Support Activities
Technology Development
Human Resources
Organization Infrastructure
Aligning IT with Business Strategies and Goals
USD150 billion of assets in overall

2200 branches and offices in 20 countries

Top 500 companies in the Forbes Global 2000 leading companies over the world

Offers wide range of financial products and services to its customers

Mission : humanize financial services across Asia by providing the people with convenient access to financing, having fair terms and pricing, advising customers base and on their needs and being at the heart of community

Ultimate goal is to become a regional final

-->Formed on 31 May 1960 in KL
-->Credit cards business in 1997
-->IS used:
(i) Teradata system
(ii) Maybankard.net system
(iii) MSOS
-->Financial services leader in 20 countries
-->2200 branches
-->47000 employees

Success factors
One shot financial services
Well-trained employees
Lowest interest rate charged
Aligning IT with Business Strategies and Goals
Information System Technologies:
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