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Simple Past Tense


Jeany Argueta

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense
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Eduardo Medina #26235
Benjamín Martínez #26417

Subject + verb in the past form + the rest
I liked it.
You destroyed it yesterday.
My mom baked that cake for me.
Gangnam Style was a hit.
It is used for actions that happened at a specific time in the past.
subject + auxiliary verb + not + verb+ the rest
Auxiliary verb + subject + verb + the rest
Good Bye!
Thank you!
I + Killed + a bug.
He + did + not + make + the homework.
Did + she + bring + the pie?
Note: The verb To Be
can be tricky.
If you are making a
negative sentence you don't need the auxiliary.
Also for a question.
He + was + not + the first one.
Were + they + the champions?
Use 1: Completed Action in the Past
Indicates that an action started and finished at an specific time in the past.
I saw a movie yesterday.
I went to the park.
Use 2: A series of completed actions
Indicates a series of actions that happened at a specific moment in the past.
I went to park, then I run, and latter I ate a cake.
Yesterday, I walked to the beach, and swam a little bit.
Use 3: Duration in the past.
I can be used with a duration, so it can indicate an action that happened in the past but with time of duration.
I lived in Brazil for 50 years,
I studied English for 4 years.
Yesterday, I stayed at home all day long.
Use 4: Habits in the past
Simple past can be used to describe habits you had. Can be a replace for "used to".
I played violin.
I studied English
Use 5: Past Facts or Generalizations
Simple Past can be used to express past facts and old generalizations which are no longer true.

He liked tomatoes before.
He was shy when child.
(GOOGLE simple past tense exercises, then click on English Exercises: Simple Past Tense 2/1 Exercises for beginners)
GOOGLE simple past tense exercises questions CLICK ON Questions in the Simple Past - Exercise 1 - Englisch-Hilfen
GOOGLE wh questions simple past tense exercises
CLICK ON Past Simple Tense - "Wh" Questions
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