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Social, Economic, and Political Effects of the Renaissance

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logan blair

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Social, Economic, and Political Effects of the Renaissance

Social, Economic, and Political Effects of the Renaissance
Social Impact
Economical Impact
During the Renaissance, the Atlantic powers of Portugal, Spain and France increased their colonial territory, this led to an increase in their wealth aswell.
Due to the political changes it became easier to accumulate wealth and industry continued to grow.
The changes also for more class mobility which in turn led to better quality of life
More governments began to tax there citizens to support their military and government
Political Impact
Governments in the Renaissance focused on reducing the impact religion had on the economy and politics of their society.
Wealth began to impact politics more, such as the Medecci family, who accumulated huge profits and which were used to finance cultural and political activities.
Western Europe began to gain much more power and influence during the Renaissance
The Renaissiance changed the way all of society. This was the time period where people as a whole taught us 3 things and started to do these things.
Stoppped caring about each other as much and surviving and more of focousing on them selves.
They did stated dancing and teaching each other the way of music.
They also changed the way people viewed the arts.
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