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What can I do?

No description

Hui Ping Chia

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of What can I do?

What can I do?
What's my role?

Is that all there is to defence?
Can we think about defence in other ways?
The Team, from cine65
What messages are the film-makers trying to convey? Do you personally connect with these messages? Why yes, or why not?
Priceless, from cine65
What messages are the film-makers trying to convey? Do you personally connect with these messages? Why yes, or why not?
In many ways, we protect Singapore in many things that we do.
Are you not already fulfilling some roles and responsibilities in terms of defending Singapore?
Total Defence 2014 Short Film, "Hands", available on YouTube
The common image that comes to mind when we think of defence
Instructions for GROUP ACTIVITY!
Divide your class into FIVE groups.
Each group should THINK about ONE aspect of total defence.
Each group should refer to the section that describes an episode in Singapore's history where your aspect of total defence mattered a lot.
In your groups, THINK about and DISCUSS the questions posed.
After 5 minutes of OPEN and HONEST discussion over the questions, appoint two presenters to share on behalf of the group.
Each group to PRESENT their responses to the questions posed.
No act is too big or too small

Can you identify the five pillars of Total Defence as they are represented in the video?
While it may seem that the responsibility of economic defence lies primarily with adults, you too, can contribute to the econimic defence of Singapore. How?
30 years of Total Defence and beyond!
5 groups! 10 minutes!
Do you recall the haze last year? In what ways did Singaporeans fail to practice civil defence and in what ways did they embody it well?
Do you have family members who have gone through NS? What were their sentiments about it?
Do you know that some of our alumnae, like Kayla Koh, have signed up for Basic Military Training?
Do you see yourself doing so in the future? Why yes or why not?
Incidentally, there been public debate over NS. See http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporescene/time-reconsider-national-233656851.html, for more.
Arguably, the SARS epidemic was not as severe as other epidemics in other countries. But this was also largely due to vigilance and social responsibility demonstrated by healthcare workers and almost all Singaporeans. Can you think of reasons why psychological defence is vital in helping countries deal with crisis situations? What are these reasons?
How many of you live
in HDB housing estates? Do you have neighbours who are of a different race? Have you made an effort to get to know them?
Do you think the EIP has succeeded in building harmonious communities?
Two types of behaviour were seen in this incident. In all honesty, which type of behaviour would you demonstrate if you were there?
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