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KKK in Michigan

Michigan History Project on the Ku Klux Klan in Michigan

Sean Miller

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of KKK in Michigan

Larger then you think KKK in Michigan The involvement of the KKK in Michigan is small but important to learn about.

White Supremacy and the KKK have had their share in Michigan History. Bigger Cities Grand Rapids, Detroit and Lansing were used as places for the organization to focus on recruiting and public demonstrations such as marches and hangings Hangings Hangings were not popular in the Michigan divisions of the KKK but were still done. Was the KKK a good thing? KKK was good and bad to cities and businesses. Anti Immigration and Anti Catholic In Michigan the KKK mostly focused on anti immigration and anti catholic ideas. They still just like the rest of the KKK in nation were also for white supremacy Bigger Cities Continued Invisible Empire It was hard to track the members of the KKK granting them the name of the invisible empire.

It was especially hard to trace members in Michigan because it was easy for people to hide out in small and large cities as well as in our many miles of woodlands. We are slowly finding out more With membership hard to trace and different klan rules it is near impossible to find information on the organization

Not much has been found on the Michigan chapters of the KKK Newaygo County During the 90s old documents were found hidden in an attic of an old house in Fremont Michigan. These documents had pictures and names of all KKK members in the Newaygo County Klan no. 29.

Also found were old Klan costumes. White Supremacy With the "death" of the KKK in 1926 it showed that Michigan as a state did not accept these radical views.

The KKK still has their own headquarters in Michigan but seems to focus more on white supremacy then actually being the KKK

Different demonstrations such as public protests are bus/car bombings have taken place by white supremacy radicals. The most recent being in late 70s
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