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Nikola Tesla B.O.S.S

No description

David Prado

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Nikola Tesla B.O.S.S

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla!!! Date of Birth Nikola Tesla went to school
campus Gymnasium Karlovac
from 1870-1873. later he attended
Graz University of Technology
from 1875-1878 Inventions Nikola Tesla invented many things
for example Nikola Tesla was born!! In July 10 1856
In Smiljan. Who knew a GENIUS was
being inroduced to planet Earth??? Nationality:
Serbian Education Graz Electric Chair Tesla Coil Awards * Elliott Cresson Medal * IEEE Edison Medal * John Scott Legacy Assist He help develop the radio Death Nikola Tesla dies going down as a great role model. He died Janury 7, 1943 in Manhattan New York. Life Spand: 87 Years of age Scientest/ Inventor Reasearch Project By: David Prado Intresting Facts * In 1884 Nikola Tesla worked for
Thomas Edision. *After his death Tesla was completely
forgotten about until the early 1990s.
Later in 2005 he became a nominie for
"Greatest American". In 1960 the General Confrence of Weights
and Measures, in honor of Tesla they
named the SI unit of measureing Magnet Fiels
after him.
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