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how a bill REALLY becomes a law

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sarah beckman

on 21 April 2012

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Transcript of how a bill REALLY becomes a law

Legislation is introduced any member of Congress can propose a piece of legislation. It is handed to the clerk of the House. The Senate is then notified of the legslation in the morning (after eating a good breakfast) and if any objections are made, the meeting is postponed to the next day, or whenever the Yankees are away. The bill is assigned a number, labeled with the sponsor's name, and sent to the Government Printing Office where copies are made. The bill is given to the appropraite committee by the Speaker of the House. The representatives must take the bill. No hissy fits. Within the committee Hearings can be held.
Subcommittees report their findings.
The entire committee votes.
Revisions and additions can be made.
Committee provides a written report in favor or against the bill.
Rules are adopted for the procedures concerning the bill. Legislation is placed on the calendar (Yankees better not be playing) The BIG debate House: debate is limited, (so many of those darn representatives) and therefore there is a limited amount of time one person can speak on behalf of the bill. Senate: since there are only 50 people in this part of the Capitol Building, debate is unlimited and filibusters can are allowed, but senators usually yawn during this period. Voting time The bill is finally voted on in each of the legislative branches. A conference report is issued, and must be approved by both the House and Senate. The bill makes a trip to the President's desk. The head honcho has exactly 10 days to get his act together and sign the bill. 10 DAYS! Once the bill is signed and not vetoed or overruled by Congress, it is assigned a number and made the law! Now time to get some sleep and cheer on the Yankees. asdasdasdasd 90ijoijoijoij
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