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No description

Manar Alzahrany

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Volunteering

Let's volunteer You make a living by what you get ,,
you make a life by what you give .. -winston churchill Volunteering ,, What is volunteering? Volunteering as any activity that involves
- Spending time,
- Unpaid
- Doing something that aims to benefit Environment Someone (Individual or group)
A volunteer is a person that has a spirit of service, creativity, sensitivity for human pain, strong moral values, the ability to work in a team, and a social conscience. Volunteer - Capable
- Available
- Reliable
- Cooperate
- Expressive
- Enterprising
- Organized The volunteer should be ... Why volunteer ?! - Help others .
- Make a difference .
- Feel valued and valuable
to the ones begin served.
- Gain valuable new experience.
-Develop experience and career advancement .
- Purpose and meaning
to life.
•Gaining new skills, knowledge and experience.
•Enhancing a CV.
•Improving one's employment prospects.
•Meeting new people.
•Feeling part of a team.
•Having quality time .
•Gaining confidence and self-esteem. A volunteer has many motivations: Volunteering can be any where any time University volunteering
school volunteering
social responsibility
Pattern of volunteering Where Can You volunteer? - Private organization
- Hospital
- Non Profits Type of volunteering Long term volunteering Short term
volunteering Episodic volunteering
- Never asked to volunteer
- lack of information about volunteer opportunity
- Inadequate expense reimbursement.
- Don't have time .
- Low self stem - Improves psychological and physical health
- Get the benefit of personal sense of accomplish
- Building a social network & business connection
- Build positive reputation
-Learning transferable skills
Trying out new experiences
Helping others as well as yourself Benefit of volunteering Barriers of being volunteer My Experience Manar Alzahrani Let's volunteer Volunteering ,,
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