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Smartboards in the Classroom

No description

Daniel Knepp

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Smartboards in the Classroom

Cons of Smart Boards
Average cost is $1000, varies depending on model and year
Large amounts of training for staff
Constant maintenance
It could crash
Who can benefit from this technology?
Visual/Kinesthetic learners
Slow note takers
Students who struggle to participate
Special Needs
Special Needs
Hearing impaired can understand content easier
Students with mobility issues use wireless slates
Interactive games
Learning Theory
Smart Boards will allow teachers to to accommodate to different learning style, so each student can learn at a faster pace
Pros of Smart Boards
DAniel Knepp
Social Studies Education
in the classroom

Can reach out to different learning styles
Help students remember important points during note taking
Makes the classroom more interactive for communication
Smart Boards are interactive white boards
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