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Haiyuan Earthquake

No description

Derek B.

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Haiyuan Earthquake

Haiyuan Earthquake
By: Derek Buhl
The Haiyuan Earthquake was a disaster that struck the Haiyuan County in China on December 16th, 1920.
Location of Earthquake
The tectonic plates involved in this earthquake were the Eurasian Plate and the Indian Plate.
Plate Boundary or Fault
This earthquake was located on the Haiyuan Fault at the Tibetan Plateau in China. History shows that this fault was a strike-slip fault which means it was a transform plate boundary.
In 1920, the Haiyuan Earthquake severely damaged the Haiyuan County in China. On December 16th, pedestrians were calmly strolling the streets when a magnitude 11 (on the Mercalli Scale) earthquake came shaking in. Because of the weak-supported walls of homes in this county, the earthquake demolished an abundant amount of homes in seconds. However, the Haiyuan Earthquake wasn't finished yet because there were a series of aftershocks within three years after. This massive destruction caused the Haiyuan Earthquake to become the 3rd deadliest earthquake in the world.
Thousands of buildings were crushed to rubble.
Many people tried to help.
This was a bird's eye view of many buildings that were destroyed.
An overall total of 273,400 people died from this awful earthquake. Buildings, streets, and many more objects were damaged. For example, this earthquake caused rivers to change course and it sent landslides down mountains. Sujiahe, a town in China, was completely buried by a landslide, too.
Interesting Facts:
Interesting Facts:
-On the Richter Scale, the magnitude of the Haiyuan Earthquake was 7.8.
-In the Haiyuan County alone, a total of 73,000 people died from this earthquake.
-About 500,000 houses and cave dwellings collapsed because of this earthquake.
The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Haiyuan County. This is where the earthquake actually began.

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