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stop the bullying

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of stop the bullying

Side B Bullying is a very serious issue going one right now and something needs to be done about it. That's why today I am going to teach you how to stop being a bully so that way we can prevent things like bullying from happening. First of all you will need the right materials.
You should get materials like a punching bag and a stress ball because you will need these things for what we are going to do later. Step one The first step you can do to help you stop being a bully is you need to recognize if you're being a bully or not. You know your a bully if people tell you your mean. You might also be one if people are scared of you and run away when ever you come by them or if they try to avoid you. Step two The second step you can do to stop being a bully is you should talk to the guidance counselor at your school to figure out why you are bullying people. That way, you can really find the problem to why you are doing it. Step three Then you should talk to your loving parent's and ask them about getting you a brand new stress ball so that way when ever you get angry you can squeeze it and let out your anger. Next you should go up to the person face to face that you were bullying and give them the reason why you were being mean to them. Side A How you can stop being a Bully By: Halie Brandenburg Getting started Stress ball Punching bag Guidance counselor's make the world a better place Step four Also you could buy a punching bag so if you get stressed out by someone instead of resorting to violence or doing something you will regret you can just punch it so all of your stress will just get out. Step five Step six When you have finally given them the reason to why you were bullying them just be nice and apologize to them because that's the least you can do after all that's happened. Step seven Finally after all of these steps you can celebrate because you have finally learned how to stop being a bully and you have made a new friend. If you follow these steps you can stop being a bully. Because you can make the world a better place if you stop this from happening.
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