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Barq's Rootbeer Marketing Plan Final

Video Marketing Presentation

nico gozos

on 12 March 2011

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Transcript of Barq's Rootbeer Marketing Plan Final

The Unconventional Aaron Marasigan
Alden David
Gab Bagamasbad
Christian Gozos
Ryan Uy Barq's Rootbeer Presenter: Marketing Study Promotions Laptop Promo
Press Releases
Grand Launch Financials History "The Unconventional' Marketing Strategy Barq’s was conceived by the Barq Brothers
Edmond and Gaston
In 1890 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Carbonates had 36.43% of the sales of the soft drink industry

Around P102,000,000,000.00 out of the total P280,000,000,000.00 of soft drink sales
Orange lime carbonate > Root beer in the Philippine market
Market Trends

Emergence of smaller packaging for cheaper price (eg. Coke sakto, coke 8 oz. Etc.)

Carbonates are expected to have low positive growth

Lately people become more concerned about health benefits of beverages

Low calorie carbonates would rise along with orange carbonates and mixers Overall Marketing Strategy

Make sure that Barq’s would be known through

Target Market
Teenagers to young adults

Oddly Perfect Not to kill other Coca Cola products particularly Sarsi

Add a new twist to Barq’s

Lemon/lime and orange carbonates are predicted to grow Product
Revival of Barq’s root beer
Added twist would be Barq’s root beer with a touch of lemon Lemon twist would add an ‘unconventional’ effect on root beer

Something new and refreshing

Can 330ml – taller but thiner
Bottle 500ml – shorter but wider Positioning Statement
To teenagers and young adult Filipinos that are either constantly on the go with work, school, or any particular activity, the new Barq’s Root Beer with lemon will be the soft drink that will not only quench your thirst, but also give you that that refreshing and cool feeling with extra flavor and fizz that you are looking for in your drinks anywhere they go without it being heavy on the pocket.
Price of Barq’s (proposed)
P20 - Bottle
P 19.50 - Can

Early stages:
Convenience stores
Vending Machines Final Stages:
Convenience Store
Vendo Machines
Sari-sari stores
More or less, EVERYWHERE We aim to:
Ensure consistency and excellent product quality using the advantage of the distributer and producer being the same entity.
Build better and growing relationships with intermediaries to avoid conflict and mishandling of products
In the long run, ensure customers that they have access to our product anytime, anywhere
Coming from a dead brand:
More financing needed to jumpstart the campaign
Might incur loss during first year or very little profit SWOT Analysis:
Being under Coca Cola
Lemon/lime carbonate going up
Sarsi Identified Market Opportunity
Gap left by former players
unconventional Proposed Target Market
on-the-go print ads
tv and rdaio commercials
press release
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