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PR Case Study - My CONTREXperience

No description

Sandrine Chabanne

on 27 June 2017

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Transcript of PR Case Study - My CONTREXperience

PR Case Analysis
My "Contrexperience"

Slimming doesn't have to be boring !
A fun and remarkable experience
Experiential marketing - getting the consumers involved with the brand

Clear target : women
Girly details
Opposite of usual ads with naked girls - Sexy but not vulgar

Participants unconsciously grab the bottle - Contrex becomes an ally which helps after the effort

Surprising and fun event in Paris street
And the winner is...
Phénix UDA,
Grand Prix Stratégies,
Lion in Cannes
The event
The video
In Japan (#2 in market shares)
* Mineral water, from a French source
* Brand of the group Nestle (Swiss)

* Highly mineralized water (rich in Ca, Mg)
* "My slimming partner"

* Umbrella brand

* One of the leaders on the French slimming water market
* about 650 million bottles / year
(including 14% sold abroad)
* Target market : active women, 20~40 years old

* PoD : emphasize complicity & empathy with consumers ; try to create a friendly image
"My slimming partner"

* Packaging : feminine design (2004), personas in everyday life situations (2009)

Contrex and consumers
A viral content buzz !
+16 % in sales volume

increase in the market share

increase in brand notoriety

clarifies the positionning

* Successful campain *

* More than 18 millions views (official YouTube channel)
*shared more than 660000 times on social medias
* 100.000 fans on Facebook (April 12)
* Free media coverage (in France & abroad)
* 3rd TV ad French liked the most in 2011
* Attempt to recreate the relationship

*Efficient because of :
the experience - the participants feel more affection for the brand and anticipate the next events
the video - it is efficiently creating a buzz, which bring enthousiasm among the remaining consumers

* Well adapted to the domestic target
* International business : surmount the "cultural hurdle"
My opinion
The context of the campaign -
Contrex in 2011
sales dropped since 2005 for all Nestle water brands
Bad economical context

Fierce competition with 2 main competitors

Opportunities linked to sociocultural changes (new focus on health, but sport = pain)

BUT Need to redynamise the brand image

=> campaign for the brand (not for a precise product)
Facebook page : "Slimming Challenges" every week, fun advice to stay fit, anti-give-up alerts & other orginal contents about diets

The video became a TV ad

Radio ads : fun tips to lose weight easily everyday

Leaflets given in stores

The Contrexperience goes on...
Emphasize not on the brand/product but on the fun and friendly atmosphere (cf positionning)
brand clearly visible (name & visual identity)

'Slimming shouldn't be boring" :
Contrex is fun and can be your ally when you want to give up on your diet

posted on YouTube (3 formats ~ 30s, 45s, 97s)
shared with Facebook and other social medias
spread in France and abroad

Became a TV ad in France
Thank you for your attention !
Merci !
Questions ?
Sept/Oct 2011
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