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my Virtual Classroom

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of my Virtual Classroom

Explain Everything
I can use this device to search up infomation, make PowerPoint and word documents and make videos on youtube
My Virtual Classroom
By Bonnie-Rose Irvine
I can use Explain Everything to record my maths, english and science results. By recording my voice over pictures.
I can use PowerPoint to make a PowerPoint slide show and explain images for science and english
I can use Facetime to explain my results to my teacher in a conference.
By talking face to face with my teacher.
I can use Email to send my results to my teacher on a work sheet and images related for maths, english and science.
I can use this device to complete maths, english and science questions. By fillng out work sheets.
I can use a USB to save work and transport it on to another computer or device.By saving work on a USB I can acess my work anytime, anywhere on any device.
I can use a mouse to click on profiles to complete work + copy and paste headings on a computer or keyboard.
OLA is being closed for the day. WE NEED TO LEARN! So we need to create a way to talk to our teachers and classmates. We will be learning in a virtual classroom
Thank you for listening!
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