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Xuban Zabalo

on 7 November 2013

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Is a variation in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gounads and genitals.
A late discovery can carry complete infertility.
0.1%of the population suffer intersexuality.
Some symdromes have intersexuality as consecuency.
There are people who don´t know that is intersexual.
They don´t decide their sexuality.

Transgender or transsexual and hermaphrodite are not the same as intersexual.
Intersexuals are people who has
male and female genitals and
transsexual people has only male
or female genitals but they feel
like if they were the oposite sex.
Hermaphodite is a term to refer intersexual people, but it refers to a boy and girl (boht at the same body ) psichologically not possible.

Confusions in intersex

In 2001, doctors of British Association of
Pediatric Surgeons recommended that babies with ambigious genitals should not be given corrective surgery and they need to decide their own gender.

Despite this recommendation, surgery on intersex babies continues in Britain today.
Accepted as a member of society.
Societal prestige, considerate sacred.

INDIA: Hijra
Excluded from society

SIBERIA: Shamans
They are considered a good influence
High spiritual power

Thought to have special abilities

Demand to have social recognition

AFRICA: Serrer
They kill it after when they were a year old.
If they survive , they suffer jeers.
Not permitted to marry or have children
Not admitted as a society member.

Each child born with a specific conbination of genitals, but when the doctors decide the sex of the baby they can´t see which is more develop so when the child grow up can feel that he/she isn´t like it genitals shows.
Hipospadias: Girls urinate from the vagine
Enormous clitoris
Genital lips fusionated

In 1945 the doctor Ferdinand Lewis Straus registrated the forth case of history that the intersex patient have two penis and one vagine


Delay puberty or non, and sometimes unexpected changes at 20 years old more or less.
When the childs grow up have a lot of psicological problems if the sex that choose the doctor and his/her sex isn´t the same.
They can do a normal life, they haven´t got other phisical disabilities apart from genitals.
If they aren´t happy with their appearance they can operate and change their genitals or put teats.
Disability to decide for themselves his sexual identity.
Uxue Iturriondobeitia, Eukene Galvez and Xuban Zabalo
Femenine pseudointerxesuality:
The patient have internal female ovaries but external genitals are like males. This is caused because the female fetus has beeen too exposed to male hormones. For example if the mum consume too much testosterone on the pregnancy.
Masculine pseudointersexuality:
The patien have male chromosomes and it can have internal testicles but it doesn´t have external male genitals, it have female genitals or not developed male genitals. Is caused because the receptors of male hormones don´t work well.
Real intersexuality:
They have both external and internal genitals an chromosomes, but they have conbinated in diferent grades.
Undetermined interxesualityes:
Are caused by all the syndromes caused by a disorder in sexual chromosomes.
So that term is quite offensive.
What would you do if you had an intersex baby?

Do you think that the social safety have to pay sex change surgery ?

What do you thik about intersex people? Do you look them like a normal person or you exclude ?

If you were intersex, would you operate to change your genitals?

If you had a intersex baby and when grows up is happy with his sex, would you tell him that he is intersex?
To have sex change cost betwen 12.000 and 24.000 euros and if the patient want to put other characteristic of the oposite sex have to pay like an extra. For exanple if it want tits it have to pay 6000 euros apart fron the sex change surgery. So it cost a lot of money and the social safety don´t give any economic help.
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