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Steven Gerrard

No description

luke knehler

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Steven Gerrard


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Gerrard first started playing for his hometown team Whiston Juniors, then he was scouted by Liverpool scouts. Later on he joined Liverpool Academy at the age of nine. He had tried to join many different clubs including Manchester United but he didn't have much luck. Although he quoted in his autobiography in 2006. ”To pressure Liverpool into giving me a YTS (youth Training Scheme) contract.

Gerrard has been with his team “Liverpool” for his whole life. playing for them starting at the age of 7 for the junior league of Liverpool and is now happily playing for Liverpool as his senior career. This season is now over how ever they placed 2 by only losing to Manchester City by only 3 points.

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* Born in Whiston, United Kingdom in May 30 (1980).
* His payment of 2012 was a total of 7.28 million GBD
* Number for “Liverpool” is 8 however for England there were 2 number 8s, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, so Gerrard gave number 8 to Lampard and Gerrard got number 4.
* England last won the world cup in 1966 defeating west Germany (4-2) however at that time Gerrard had not even been born
* Gerrard went to Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School in Liverpool.
* He is 6'0" (1.85m) tall and weights 183 lbs (83kg)

He is not just the Captain for Liverpool but also for “England” who is in this years World Cup. He's been the captain for England ever since 2004 which he still is. He began to play for England in 2000 then became captain in 2004 of course.

Steven Gerrard is a famous soccer/football player, he plays for Liverpool in the English Barclay's Premier League, also being the captain since 2003.

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By: Luke

Gerrard plays right midfield. Right midfield is a position where you are almost everywhere on the right side. Although Gerrard plays more defense and not up forward but he is still up there but not scoring most of the time helping, assisting goals. Gerrard in most well known for his great pass to set up a goal also known as a “playmaker”.



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