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Picking Cotton chapters 13-15

No description

Erica Williams

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Picking Cotton chapters 13-15

ng Cotton chapters

Chapter !3
In June of 1995 Mike Gauldin and Rob Johnson showed up to Jennifer house bearing the news that Ronald Cotton wasn't her rapist but in fact it was Bobby Poole. Explaining to her that The DNA test proved that Ronald didn't rape her or Mary Reynolds.
Jennifer tried her best to take the extremely shocking news the best way she knew how to but it became really hard for her. She tried copping with keeping a pattern in her everyday life so she wont have to think about her reality
Chapter 13 Continued
As much as Jennifer wanted to go on with her routine she couldn't it bothered her because she believed Ronald was really going to hurt her and hate her.
She didn't want her families identity of her to be changed because of her past

Chapter 14
Ronald was released from jail and it was hard for him. Ronald says " After being locked up for all those years they expect you to deal with it. I had no money, and how could I explain on a job application were I had been the last eleven years?"(Page 220)
When arriving back home Tom pulled strings to get Ronald a job at Lab Corp.(where he met his soon to be wife Robbin.)
The people of his town looked at him in different ways not making his release better on him.
Tom and Ronald were asked to appear on the Larry King show to tell there story and Ronald told the world he wasn't angry at Jennifer.
Robbin and Ronald got married and soon after there marriage the day of their reception his father died.
Chapter 15
Jennifer did a story on Frontline. She wanted to tell her story after all the years of being protected by the law.
Jennifer decided to meet Ronald to see him in person and apologize to him.
Chapter 16
Ronald received a call saying that Jennifer wanted to meet him. He was glad.
Robbin had some harsh feelings about why she didn't want Ronald to go meet Jennifer.
Ronald met Jennifer on April 4, 1997.
They spoke in public and once Jennifer apologized Ronald knew she was genuinely sorry.
Robbin spoke with Jennifer explaining how she felt about Ronalds case.
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