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Reaserch paper

No description

Dakota Riley

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Reaserch paper

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT Thirty-seven of the United States have accepted the death sentance Why haven't the others? There are many ways capitol punishment is carried out Stonin The Jews practised stoning to avoid contact with the condemned.
They beleived that contact would cause the evil spirits to transfer from
the victim to the executor. Should we consider this today? Hangin g One of the most popular forms of execution
throughout the centuries has been hanging.
There are many problems with this.
If the length of the rope, positioning of the
knot, or the length of the drop do not perfectly
coinside, the executor will not acheive a
clean kill. The goal is to break the victim's
neck. If anything is miscalculated, the head
could tear off or the victim be left strangeling
till he suffocates.
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