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Facts & Opinions On Year Round Schooling

This Is Our Presentation On Year Round Schooling. This is for school.

Rolotocelli Fernandez

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Facts & Opinions On Year Round Schooling

Opinions Continued
You all know the saying “If It Ain't Broke, Don't fix It”. This particular saying fits in perfectly. There is nothing wrong with the way it is. Sure, some people will have trouble with finding daycares or something, but that's the way it has always been, and there have never been any issues at all. People who agree with change are wasting everybody's time. Time that could be spent on Potholes or whatever actually matters. This is possibly the most pointless arguement of all time. Why are we trying to fix something that never had any conflict In the beginning?
So. Let's get to it.
Year-round schooling, yay or nay? Well. For the two of us (and the sake of this presentation), we are against year-round schooling. Facts and opinions shall back us up.
Studies prove that year round schooling does NOT boost learning.
More Opinions...
When it’s Summer break, you get to relax your mind and not be stressed out at work, or in school with loads of homework.
Has your Opinion Changed?
For the Better (Hopefully)
May the Debate Begin!
Facts (Continued)
Facts & Opinions On Year Round Schooling
By Peter & Krista
When you go on vacation, you would have wanted to do it in the summer because of the nice weather.
With this rule, you won't get as long to stay in your desination because you wouldn't want to come back with a load of homework. It would be too stressful.
Also, during the Summer, you could be more active. You could go for a walk in nature, go for a swim, or go to the gym and work out.
During the summer, Children have the opportunity to do Physically Inclined activities. Studies show that a Healthy body= a Healthy Mind.
Teens In High-School and University will no longer be able to take summer jobs to fund assorted things either.
You can also visit family that’s far away. If it was November or February, it would be too cold to travel. Also, Summer break has 1 more week of Summer.
With no Summer break and 3 weeks of breaks in November, February and July, you don’t exactly finish the grade. You are actually going back to school 3 times a year. Without Summer break, you have nothing to seperate your new year and the year you have finished.
We have interviewed Nikita, she says that she is against Summer being banned because, she thinks it’s nice go out for the holiday when it’s nice and warm. Instead of winter break, because it’s too cold. She's also used to summer break.
Daniel volunteered to be interviewed (even though he's against us). He claims that he has proof (Apparently non-existant) of the fact that year round schooling boosts learning. Daniel however Is not a scientist who specializes in statistics and public testing.
Interviews (Continued)
Scientests who specialize In Statistics and Public testing, say that There Is no difference at all.
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