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Selenide – Shorten your code!

No description

Ashwin Dalvi

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Selenide – Shorten your code!

Less Code
Automatic Waits
Screen shots
Library, !Framework
• Not complete yet - but will be!
• Less people use it as compared to selenium
-This might change soon
• No major cons as it is a wrapper, anytime you feel
this can't be done in Selenide, the base Selenium
is immediately at hand
• Has near English grammar
• Easy for even non-technical
people to understand
• Easily maintainable as even
a single glance can tell what
is going on
• $ replaces
• $$ replace
• Infinitely chain able - no need to
create WebElements
• No need to interact regularly with
Webdriver at all - Selenide handles
it for you
• Extra methods to work on Collections
of Elements - findBy, filterBy,
• Handle WebElement Collections with
ease as these filters are chain able,
easily selecting the row you want
Extra Selectors
• Selenium provides support for only basic
Selectors - Type, Name, etc.
• Selenide provides extra Selectors with conditions
such as withText, byText, byValue, ByTitle inbuilt

Parent Selectors
• Select elements within a certain parent
- eliminate the rest of the DOM!
• Select parent of an Element with inbuilt functions

• Endless wait configuration in Selenium is replaced
by automatic waiting for the next chosen element
in Selenide
• This wait is default 4 seconds but as with all
Selenide methods, this can be configured with
• Tests are meant to catch failures - a failed
test means you get information on a bug!
• Default Selenium offers only error logging
• Selenide provides inbuilt screenshot
• This is configurable and can be used with
• Much more to come!
• Been in development since July 2013
- a new project
• Prompt response to queries and
immediate implementation of new functions
• Selenide is a library, not a framework, unlike other Selenium
improvers, like:
→ Tellurium: Framework
→ SauceLabs: Cloud based testing
• As a result, underlying Selenium core can always be
accessed and used anytime something seems impossible
in Selenide.
• We always have access to default Selenium methods,
thereby new Selenide code can be injected into existing
Selenium code.
• Faster - Selenide is just faster to write, well written
Selenium code can be as fast as Selenide
appears to be.
• Incompatible with Selenium best practices,
PageObjects, etc. - Selenide is just a wrapper,
it can do everything Selenium does. Conversely, it
can't do anything not possible with Selenium (But
not necessarily provided by Selenium
• http://selenide.org -
concise documentation
• http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/if-you-use-selenium-for-browser-based-ui-acceptance-testing-you-might-like-selenide/ -
great introduction of selenide

Thank You!
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
- Leonardo Da Vinci
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