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Bob the Builder

No description

Carys Williams

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Bob the Builder

Gender Marketing and Merchandise A few Key Facts: Gender bias on screen:
Show is based on construction- "reinforcing viewer expectations of masculine dominance" (Lemish, 2010).
Bob takes the lead role- criticised by Charlesworth (2011) for demonstrating gender bias.
Daily Mail- "it gives them the message that boys and men are in charge and women are in a supporting role".
Produced by HIT Entertainment
Created by Kieth Chapman
First aired in 1999
Shown in over 33 countries
Viewed by 43% of pre-schoolers every week Theme Tune
Phenomenon! Christmas no. 1 in UK singles chart (2000)
Peaked at no. 1 in Australian music chart
'Bob the builder: Can We Fix It?' reached no 4 in UK album charts
Bob's 'Mambo no. 5' also reached no 1 in UK singles chart Bob's core values: Teamwork
Problem- solving
Determination Characterisation Marketing Nature vs. Nurture...
Boys and girls are innately predisposed to like different things e.g. toys- studies have found that boys are more likely to favour trucks and cars
Pre-schoolers have also been found to favour same gender peers (Schaffer, 1996)

Marketing and merchandise also enhance the 'for boys' image by applying gender cliches (Lemish, 2010).

The Bob the Builder magazine also appears to be targeted at boys, appealing to a targeted audience rather than catering for all. Created programmes:
"so that the company can then go out and do all the marketing and branding, then sell the toys and the DVD's and so on". Educational value and appeal Bob the builder: 21st Century man? References 'We metaphorically as well as literally cover
children’s eyes'

Charlesworth, R. (2010) Understanding Child Development (8th Ed.). USA: Cengage
Lemish, D. (2010) Gendering Children's Television: The Views of Producers Around the World. Abingdon: Routledge

Schaffer, R. H. (1996) Social Development. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd.

Journal Articles:

Kirkorian, H. L. (2008) Media and Young Children's Learning. Future of Children, Vol.18 (1), pp 39-61.

Sorin, R. (2005) Changing Images of Childhood- Reconceptualising Early Childhood Practice. International Journal of Transitions in Childhood, Vol. 1, pp 12-21.


Abraham, T. (2011) Where are the action girls on children's TV? Femal characters 'too pink and pretty'. [online] Available at: <http://www.dailymail.co.uk> [Accessed 26 November 2012].

BBC (2012) Bob the Builder. [online] Available at: <http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/grownups/programme/bob-the-builder> [Accessed 26 November 2012].

Oxford dictionary. [online] Avaliable at:
http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/anthropomorphism [Accessed on 12th December 2012] Bright colours
Characters children can relate to
Short narrative- 10 mins-
Simple storyline/familiar structure and setting/reoccurring characters

According to the BBC (2012), Bob the Builder helps children learn the value of teamwork, problem solving, importance of friendship and finding out about the world around them.

* Repetition- availability of DVD's, catch up TV and repeated scheduling allows children to watch episodes over and over.

* Morals embedded in storylines.

* Magazine/website- links with EYFS.

* Links can be made with Bob and Sorin's (2005) definition of Nobel child £9.97 £6.39 £9.99 £10 £9.97 £5 Jocelyn Stevenson Episodes hold more educational value
Use techniques such as repetiton to engage audience Sorin, R. (2005) Bob the builder: Project fix it.
Bob the builder: Ready, steady, build. Bandura- Social Learning Theory However...
Relationship between Bob and Wendy shows no apparent 'male superiority' behaviour from Bob.
New female character introduced in newer series and is pink. Children learn from environment, including television, about their gender and associated roles. Anthropomorphism
An object/animal with human like features Dizzy; Tomboy or Playful? Lofty the shy and sensitive crane
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