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Classroom Rules and Procedures

Examples of teacher-written classroom rules, expectations, procedures, etc.

Connie Weaver

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules & Procedures The Seven Things Students Want to Know
on the First Day of School. 1. Am I in the right room?
2. Where am I supposed to sit?
3. What are the rules in this
4. What will I be doing this year?
5. How will I be graded?
6. Who is the teacher as the person?
7. Will you treat me as a human
being? Tips for Writing Classroom Rules 1. Keep your list of rules short.
2. Phrase your rules positively.
i.e. "Come to class with all of your materials."
"Don't come to class without your materials."
3. Focus on OBSERVABLE behaviors that can
be enforced.
4. Have consequences in place when rules are
not followed. Samples of Classroom Rules 1. Show respect for self, instructor, and peers at all times.
2. Come to class everyday with materials on time and ready to learn.
3. Participation in ALL activities is REQUIRED unless accompanied with a doctor’s excuse.
4. All other school rules as stated in the Maryville High School Student Handbook.

Students that choose not to cooperate with the class regulations may result in any of the following consequences:
·A verbal warning
·A phone call to parents/guardians
·Administrative referral Samples of Classroom Rules EXPECTATIONS
Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
Bring all required textbooks, workbooks, writing utensils, etc. to class each day.
Treat me and your fellow students with respect and patience.
Listen and follow directions.
Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking.
Adhere to the MHS handbook guidelines at all times.
Complete your homework daily. Samples of Classroom Rules Reglas:
1.Sé cortes- Be considerate. When the teacher or a classmate is speaking, you should be considerate and listen.
2.Este preperado- Be prepared. Have all of the materials needed for class when class begins.
3.Hable en español- As often as possible, use the language. Ask questions in Spanish, etc. The more you use the language, the easier it will become. Samples of Classroom Rules A. BE A GOOD CITIZEN
1. Respect the rights of your classmates to receive an education by not being disruptive
during class.
2. Respect the authority of all adults by following directions the first time they are given.
3. Respect the person and property of each student and teacher.
i.e. No horse playing or tampering with another’s belongings.
4. Follow all school rules as listed in your student handbook, including the dress code,
cell phone, and food & drink rules. Samples of Classroom Rules Procedures Procedures are critical to effective classrooms
Explain, rehearse, reinforce
Differ from rules in that there you will usually have limited rewards or consequences
Reinforce following procedures with praise; correct not following procedures with re-teaching and rehearsal Kinds of Procedures How to enter the classroom.
What to do when they enter.
Where to find the assignment.
What to do when you want
their attention.
How to ask a question or
ask for help.
How a paper is to be done. Kinds of Procedures
(cont.) Where you want assignments to go.
What to do if they want to sharpen a
Where to find assignments if they’ve been
What to do at the dismissal of class. Las Consecuencias: The following is the procedure that will be followed in the case of improper conduct by a student.
1st offense= Verbal warning (AVISO)
2nd offense= Depends on the conduct.
Talking- You will be moved to sit alone somewhere in the classroom.
Off Task- You will be moved to the hall and receive an alternate writing assignment.
3rd offense= Parents will be notified.
4th offense= Conference with administration, parents, teachers, and students. B. BE A GOOD STUDENT
1. Come to class with a good attitude and all of the necessary materials.
e.g. writing instruments, paper, textbook, notebook, etc.
**A tardy will be issued for failure to comply.
2. Use your class time wisely from the TARDY BELL TO DISMISSAL.
3. Do your own work and give your personal best at all times.
4. Set aside time every day at home to complete written assignments and study. It is much easier to keep up than to catch up! WORKS CITED The First Days of School by Harry Wong
Natasha McMurray
Karin Papenhausen
Jenny Sobota
Connie Weaver
The Well-Managed Classroom
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