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Respiratory Program Information

Presentation for potential students

Jan Arrasmith

on 30 June 2017

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Transcript of Respiratory Program Information

Respiratory Therapy
Stevens-Henager College
June 30, 2017

Diagnose lung and breathing disorders and
recommend treatment methods.

Interview patients and do chest physical exams
determine what kind of therapy is best for patients condition.

Consult with physicians
recommend a change in therapy, based on your evaluation.

Analyze breath, tissue, and blood specimens
determine levels of oxygen and other gases.
Long-Term Care
Neonatal-Pediatrics Units
Pulmonary Rehab
Surface and Air Transport
Critical Care
Case Management
Home Care
Pulmonary Diagnostics
Stevens-Henager College Respiratory Care Program
Accredited by Commission of Accreditation for Respiratory Care
CRT & RRT Eligible
Receive Associates of Applied Science
Accelerated Program (20 months long)
Laptop & Books Supplied
Clinical Site Placement
Small Class size
Great Lab facility & Equipment
Free Tutoring
Career Services Department
for more information
about RT's
please contact
Thank you

if you agree with the following statements, you might discover

respiratory therapy is exactly what you’ve been looking for:
I really enjoy helping people out in their time of need. ++

I like working with technology and I'm good in math and science. ++

I would rather work in a profession where there’s a lot of variety in the job. ++

I want to be able to choose what type of place I work in, and the type of patients I work with. ++

I’m looking for a career with multiple opportunities for advancement—not just one. ++
Advances in technology make it possible to help patients get well in ways that were impossible years ago.

Respiratory therapists work with sophisticated medical equipment like mechanical ventilators that breathe for people who can’t breathe on their own and other devices that require a knowledge and love of technology.
AARC Education Section
Prospective student questionnaire for program directors
How can you take advantage of all the things the respiratory care profession has to offer?

Enter the field—and earn a license

require licensure and legal credentialing—
Associate’s Degree
Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree from a post-graduate program

•I will be a high school graduate; are there any required HS courses that are prerequisites for admission?

•I am a current college student. Please indicate the process so I can have my academic
transcript(s) reviewed to determine what courses will transfer.

1.Instructor to student ratio in classroom
2.Instructor to student ratio during clinical
3. Approximately how many clinical hours are required?

4.What do you feel are unique aspects of the clinical training?

5.What has been the job placement over the past 3 years?

6.What percentage of graduates pass the NBRC entry-level exam?

7.Program costs;Tuition, Books, Other fees Uniforms & equipment
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