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Cuban Missile Crisis

No description

Adel B

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis
USA perspective
Kennedy's decisions and dilemmas during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Kennedy's reaction to reconnaissance photographs
Various strategic meetings were organised
EXCOMM was formed
Secret meetings between Robert Kennedy and Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin was set up.
Final decisions
Bay of Pigs invasion
Blockade of Cuba
Cuban Missile Crisis
Reasons for Soviet involvement
Kennedy's dilemma
What is the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Also known as the October Crisis in Cuba and Caribbean Crisis in the former USSR
Regarded as the moment in which the Cold War could have potentially turned into a nuclear conflict
Cuban Fears
In 1962, President Kennedy authorized a plan to overthrow the Castro regime called Operation Mongoose
Operation Mongoose involved terrorist attacks
EXCOMM's reaction to missiles in Cuba
Advised Kennedy to opt for a full scale invasion
Advised for multiple air strikes in Cuba
Placed 551 fighter bombers on standby for bomb runs to Cuba
Cuban Defenses
The Vietnam war had exposed the truth of war and the public protested against it.
He was concerned about public opinions.
He was a democrat .
He did not want to embarrass the USA.
Much of the military power was used up in Vietnam
Cuba accepted the Soviet plan to install missiles
270,000 Cubans were armed and ready to fight
USSR to dismantle weapons in Cuba
USSR to remove craft from US proximity
American Demands
Russian Demands
US to remove weapons from Turkey & Italy
US agrees never to invade Cuban Peninsula

Nuclear Exchange
Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)
Defense Readiness Condition 2
2600 Strategic Nuclear Warheads
150 Million Tons of Smoke
Global Cooling of 20-30° Celsius
Mass Extinction of human populace
(Global Solutions)
Resolution &
Russo-American Relations
Let's not
fight, okay?
Proved to be a turning point in relations
Brinkmanship policy tested and discarded
Hotline established between USSR & USA
A Thorn in Everyone's Side
Cuba felt not included in decision process

Nearby American Guantanamo Bay base left intact

Russia 'betrayed' Cuba

US Trade & Arms embargo extended to Businesses
(NPS Global)
Thank You!
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Cuba joined the Soviet pact

USSR was obliged to protect its all their allies or their allies would not trust them

As a superpower USSR had to defend the smallest peice of land to maintain its status

Was a signal for USA to not invade Cuba
(LaGrone, 2012)
Brenner, P., 2008. THREE PERSPECTIVES: A SIMULATION. [Online].
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