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persuasive speech

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Transcript of persuasive speech

The Big Problem with Stereotypes In Conclusion... Please stop bullying people because of their
stereotype. This world could be so beautiful if only we could close our eyes and open our minds.
Trust me it's not fun being awake in the middle of the night pondering over some hurtful words someone has said to you. For the bullies, you may not think much of something now, but what if tomorrow you came to school and found out that someone you tripped in the hallway the day before had taken their life? You don't know their story, so why judge them at first glance? Just accept people for their beliefs and who they are, build an army of love. You can make a difference by simply giving someone a compliment or report bullying when you see it.
LOVE WINS <3 Celebrities that have Been Bullied Because of Their Stereotypical Heritage or Appearance Estonian pop singer Kerli Koiv
American singer and actress Demi Lovato
American pop singer Lady GaGa
American comedian Chris Rock
Etc... Why do Many People Use Stereotypes? Many people like to use stereotypes for short cuts in describing a person or people and their actions. Examples of these would be:
Emo's and cutting
Hipsters and smoking
Asians and studying
Geeks and obsessive gaming
Fat Americans and McDonalds
Mexicans and lawn mowing, etc. What is a stereotype? ~Bullying on Stereotypes~ A stereotype is an oversimplified standardized image of a person or group. Stereotypes are constantly abused everyday, worldwide. How many times have you stereotyped someone because of their heritage or appearance and judged them because of it? It's not fun to be called "geek" or "emo" or "poser". Believe me it hurts to walk into a school and have people sneer at you and say hurtful things because of who you are.
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