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Transcript of :D

for some reason i find this really funny :D Thursday, April 19: Today Joanna, winter, and I played a prank on anja. Winter told anja " Anja I need to tell you something, come with me to the bathroom" she took a little convincing but in the end she went, and while she was gone Joanna and I shoved carrots into her milk. Anja soon returned (without winter) and went about eating her lunch, asking us if we messed with winter's lunch, we cleverly replied, "yea we did". Then winter returned speedwalking to the table, desprately hoping that she had not missed anja drinking her 'carrot milk', she had not. And shortly after winter's arival anja brought the tainted milk to her lips enjoying in its sweet taste, until she relized there was a carrot sumbmerged in that very milk. She notified us that she had found a carrot by releasing a high pitch sqeal, milk still in mouth. Soon she swallows with a disgusted look on her face, accusing "you guys put a carrot in my milk!" by this point we were laughing quite hard. with a frown upon thou face she proceeded in trying to retrieve said carrot from her milk. she succeeded in pulling a carrot from her milk. but little did she know we put a least 5 carrots into her chocolatey beverage. Content with her milk now that it was "carrot free" she again proceded in quenching her parched throat, but alas she was not content for long, for she soon figured out that her milk carton did not contain only milk. she soon gave up trying to normalize her milk and instead retaliated by shoving a carrot into my milk, i was unfazed and contiuned drinking. This angered anja and she decided to coat her carrot in ranch and drop it in my milk. I did deserve this, but non the less I was extremely angered and responded to this hate crime by voilently ripping winter's fork from her grasp and vigorously stabbing anja in the chest 32 times.... I merely exclaimed "anja!" then got over it. However anja does not seem to have the same easy going personality as myself ;) and shunned us for the rest of the lunch period (not that I was complaining :P ) overall it was a very good lunch period :D. j-it was great, we were laughing so hard W- I loved it so much, I have abs from laughing. they popped out like little carrots from the ground ;D a thought from : "i called your like a bird eating " bluff birdseed joanna E L E week everybody lynches everybody<3 JK!! - Hallie SWARM GAME DIALOGUE Anja: It's cold in here. Alysha: That's probably because they play Hockey in here. Anja: What? No they don't, they play that in a diffrent room. 4/21/12 Hallie: * my gosh anja, sometimes I wanna beat the stupidity out of ya with a club * Im ashamed for you April 23 - 28 cloudy i like clouds raincloud verb (used with object)
to put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority. LYNCH (xcel energy center) Lambaste >> To beat severely everbody everybody EVERBODY LECTURES EVERBODY "Never weaken your house to the point you would die if there was a zombie apocolypse" every BODY LOOTS every BODY <<wtf? April 23 2012 Hola mis amigas!
Today in the life of Hallie, Joanna and Winter:
Well tis Eeverybodylyncheseverybodyweek at school and we were thinking of decorating Ms.Walkers door for the occasion. For some peculiar reason though everyone thought the "L" was for love...
Yeah wierd I know! We made a lynching list as well made up of 3 people in which I will code name after the 7 dwarves(H and J can you figure out which is which?):

and ~HAHA
Well there you have it!
What else what else...
Well at lunch...
I don't remember who started it... BUT I flung a carrot from my hard after anja stuck it in hallies milk and potatoes and as soon as I knew I have masked potatoes on my sweatshirt -_-. Anja's not the brightest bulb in the hardware store :D (Hallie or should I say Madame Magenta :D)
That's all I can really think of other than Ms.Walker drives us crazy haha, can you two? Well Goodbye W- Hahaha anja's funny <3 spot is for ANJA QUOTES H- Who gave troy the trojan horse?
A- Um the indians! Duh! Howdy That one too Stupid funny Look! an old lady with birds! Magenta :) ~Winter Magenta Friday is gonna ROCK ! p.s Joanna- I like this font, hi :)
Here is Konpeito- heehee ~Winter I love Hallie and Joanna, I will not lynch them. Nice face :) Our dog, rabies.
I know You have missed him. Us I call this "knifey" Meet Hallie Meet Joanna Us! Meet Winter heee hee me playing the computer piano ajklasdvjksdjkouiql4kwerjfosua;lkjal aghfjkgh;rtuiuykaymilsa/lkghaiuytiuhauofgbhauodfhnauohtgaiejsdfakjtiorfjklyjgjkl gjkl tgjiovi Soul MATES on this day winter gave me(joanna) a dandelion. she said if i keep it until highschool graduation she will give me $1,000. I WILL BRING IT TO OUR GRADUATION the Cats i was telling you about! arent they great :D Winter! j-looks yummy black CAT pictures WHITE & I FRICKEN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! W- Dang skippy it does ;) oh my O.O W- hahaha!! they are, I didn't think scenary could be awkward until now :D FAT :) W-Do it my friend and the money will follow!!! :D nublado the sky's crying A- um. sharks are attracted to shiny things... you didn't know that?! What is that? --W. Yo:) I zoomed out this far:o best picture evar. The BEST Claymation EVER !!!!! and then there's anja... On the Date of May 1st, 2012 well today we went to contest for band and on the way there on the bus Jamie Levens was texting Anja all this sick crap like "oral sex" and so on, but then Jamie accidentally sent one of her sick texts that was meant for anja, to anja's dad (anja recently switched phones with her dad b/c her phone is crap). As you can imagine this caused a huge uproar, due to the fact that she texted him " HI BUTTSEX" but what made us even more uproarious was the fact that her dad replied, "mom, is that you?" Jamie did not text him back however so to this day we do not know what he meant. All in all it was a very good bus ride. . . D the summer of '12 ideas o.O glow bubbles >> >> messy twister feel free to add more :D -hallie FYI--> I got all of these ideas from pinterest, I Pinterest :) HAHA! True dat! ^^ ^^ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< she's beautiful movie marathon >> we shld have some sort of theme, maybe like Harry Potter, or Jurassic Park :) >> Mario brothers marathon Make a Mural/painting/collage together * * Craft Thursday? $ make a sprinkler course EPIC water fight just one thursday yo Make an ABC book (but of something cool) Almost ^ Make a Sidewalk masterpiece Squirt bottle tag Flashlight tag Treasure Hunt(s)? make several movies Have an accent party >>where you can only speak in an accent(s) << (most of the time) Bahaha Really, truly is. It is!! Hahaha ^^ Winter calls indian! Hallie, oh my god. Messy twister and
glow bubbles sound like THE most
fun.games.ever!!! Gah! --Winter Yay! you put it on! It really is. Hallie- "Well anja, you need gluten, peanut and dairy free cookies, HERE, here's a recipe for gluten free, dairy free oatmeal peanut butter cookies, just leave out the peanut butter!"

A- EW! Then they'll just be oatmeal butter cookies! I really want to ask
him if he wrote that...
~w. i f****ing hate anja! WTF? wheel barrel race OMG CUTE !!! <3 why do you hate anja? SimSimi: She's the devil's mistress Anja's nice SimSimi: I want to beat you with a gosh dang crowbar I love Anja Simsimi: F*** you Where Does anja Live? Simsimi: H*ll i was bored and so i typed our names in and this is what i got Anja ^^ <<winter lillian Joannna ^^ (yes that is a naked baby holding a skull) << Hallie ann OH My GOSH it's totally Me! CARROT MAN MONSTER we made this food monster during lunch he is a beautiful creation Simply Breathtaking I Carrot Man Monster 5/9/12 we were doing a lab in science it involved antacid tablets Winter and Joanna stole some We took them to lunch oh my god... hahahahaha Will she ever know? ;) It was skippin' awesome. Except for the part
where winter put the alka-seltzer in her chocolate
milk, proceeded to drink said milk and then want
to puke, because it tasted of vomit.. Then Anja came and put a bunch of crap in the milk and hallie double dogged her to drink it...
she did not. look its hallie's dad! :o :) A beautiful example of seductive deliciousness ;) OHHHH, i get it, you want to speak that accent, i thought you wanted to call an indian or something teacup WE WANT TEA I LIKE THIS TEAPOT Pinata! Flat Stanelys! Puppet Show Make Box Houses Hahahahaha!!! No,
but one time i actually
WAS called by an indian
hahaha:) Just don't be tea partiers ;) *Kiss* yeehaw. I Frickin LOVE pinterest. Wed. May 16th
So, today was nice weather of 70 :) yay
It was a GOOD day, nothing special in hours 1-3
but we got to go outside for DS and play kickball
(We just sat;)) EXCEPT for the following:
At lunch we were throwing bread chunks at anja,
Although I feel like she started it -_- lol! And winter got one down her shirt (haha) and she didn't like that, so then she messed up hallie's tray and proceeded to take a big chunk of bread, and SHOVE it down winter's shirt, lol!<--- Or so we thought... until anja got super rough and was stretching winter's shirt and mauling her, it was scary :0... haha, then during DS, Hallie was throwing grass at anja with winter and Anja would take it all out on poor darling winter<3 Poor baby Winter, hahahaha. Then Winter and Joanna went to gym and in gym, we played soccer. It was all fun until we started getting killed by all the players! It hurt!!!! Winter got hit 4 times and poor jojobojo(heheheh) about 17 times BY the same person!! lol. poor us! What did you do during 4th hour Hallie?? This weekend we are getting together and making a video of transformers:) to "fool" anja
hahaha. Anja...
That's all friends!
~W. May 15th 2012 Anja Pranks... threw food onto anja's plate tossed bread down her shirt(winter) projected wet paper towels into her stall
(one landed in her pants) put dead dandelions and a gum wrapper into her pony tail MAY 14th, 2012 hallie and winter tried to convince anja there's a transformer called "Taco-ria Man", and that he turns into a taco truck and feeds all the other transformers Anja didn't believe them hallie tried to leave her contact information for the milk company, but that backfired when a real person answered the hotline ...we're so mean to anja :) # 1 goal this summer: Become a Drug Lord -hallie we shall prove her wrong coming soon: TRANSFORMERS 4 1/2 revenge of the black sparrow Quotes I believe are worth remembering "Jesus is my thug" This photo is irELEPHANT "all by myself...
dont wanna be
all by myself..." BEER X A-"Well then God is my thug!!
H-Anja they're the same..." aww a butterfly and caterpillar:) This is a place for PUNS Why aren't i considered a bear?
I have all the KOALAfications. This.epic.weekend. Whoopwhoop! Yayy;) I love you! Don't drink bud! Ha! Fekking looser! what is that!?!? May 19th thru 20th
Well today Winter went over to Hallie
and joanna's for a sleep-OVA yea! It was
a blast :) We did the following awesome stuff:
~Prank called anja and freaked her out
~Made Transformers 4 1/2 "They'll be paying US to make these some day..."-Joanna
~Made a terribly crude music video to "Push it" with stuffed animals...dear god O.o
~Played outside for about 2 minutes because of the rain and lightning
~Painted nails
~Watched a baby bit of Psych
~Just dance and smask bros. on wii
~Watched Hallie and Joanna's Music videos^^
~Gained many pounds eating a TON of snacks (Note-Those star crunch things go right to the stomache;D)
~Much more!
Great time it was <^--^> <-- My attempt at Yoda
Bff's forevar girrlsss, awww<3 lol :D
That's all! I drew my own frame...... teeth like to brush bad worm good worm whoop. we are going on a road trip to the museum of Jurassic technology with Mrs. walker! next time anyone has a sore throat...... RIP today we replaced anja with best friend(a carrot), we gave him her seat at lunch and she threw him on the floor, bit him, tried to decapitate him and then murdered him, he will live on in our hearts forever 5/29/12 the process of fission where light elements fuse together to form heavier elements nucleosynthesis National Geographic is a great resource x x x Balloon!;) Y O L O you only live once * * * HOW TO EGG A HOUSE -a tutorial by hallie, joanna, and winter 1.) Obtain 2 eggs -we egged winter's neighbor's house (barely) -ate mustard toast.... i just wouldn't been able to live with myself if i hadn't -ate of a frozen waffle (some) << if that aint livin then i dont kno wat is @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 2.)crack said eggs gently on tree 3.) aim Yo peeps, I be in Chicago!
too much booty in ma pantssss!!!
bahhaahahah 4. Fire 5. Dance Joyously in victory 6. cry because you have no life 7. Punch a baby in the face 8. make new baby 9. teach baby how to egg house 10. Make army of Babies 11. Rule the 'effin world some of u mite be wondering what the fricken mother of grandma is that? well my galatic wizards, my fricken mother of my grandma informs me that is a atomic bomb. BAM, say syanara to your little friends cause this fruitcake doesnt leave survivors . get your heart felt goodbyes in now cause this baby is gonna BLOW << i will zoom out more! SPARTA NOLA 2012 at oceana, a restaurant we ate at us with bishop tom street band awesome sign Cafe Beignet Mississippi it's an oxy-moron DIS IS MAY lIFE SUCKKERSSSSSS CANDA FRICK YEA. EH. MARCO polo wonton Lashaobamaobamakaynay
Obamashagurlnaeeta rieeshatatasha spend my nights with a rolled up bubble wrap POP POP hope no one sees me get freaky - weird all yankovic
" " CARMELLOW DINGO BABY WIGWAM herald fikaytaquanaygurl
dishatakaynaquaee - nashashagurlkay what? say wtf. Christ thats terrifying.
Mother of god. hellow friends ANJA'S GRANDPA Cougar Daddy Magic Mike Paul the pimp i am obsessed i want one so bad i am gonna make a little shrine for them i zoomed out the most MOKIKI NO I DID! ! ! Mother-Trucker. TAHAHAHA! Hey frands. Guess what? I'm in ENLGLISH :p
guess what else? Its freaking boring! Better than having to do a bunch of crap though ;) Fun shizzle
I finished all my work like and angel child <3
12/18/12 ~Winter Me being my beautiful "angel child" self Somebody that isn't me thought
they would do a bunch of whacko
stuff... weird XD... Dis is may life suckerss?? wtf...(: amen bro. anja Can I join da
party? he y. three nipples. that's weird. Holy mother. Terrifying. Does the Sloppy Swish. Hellow. Winter here! Hallie and I are in BIOLOGY. it's so boring. Haha, catch yah later! so cool! :D c Summer of '13 ideas.... March 18th, 2013
Hallie, Joanna and Winter started AA. Now I know you're
probably thinking "american airlines?" NO. wrong.
Now you're all like "alcoholics anonymous?!?O.O
Wrong again.
This may be the best club ever started. ever.
jk.... it is. Its a birth mark... -- Incentive day isn't THAT bad! JUNE 6, 2013 But I don't want to take any more finals!
I'm in band right now...bored out of my skull ;) Not excited to eat lunch with all of the scary people xD That's all folks! I typed in "Incentive Day to google images and this is what comes up...A guy grabbing for a carrot...on a string.. B.A.F Winter (B.A.F= Bored as F*ck ;) L a s t DAY !! Hell yes we did the iPinata!
A.A Is the best!! "When I grow up I want to deal cocaine and breed jellyfish" A A ART FRIENDSHIP AWESOMENESS Look guys! I invented an official seal!
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