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Waiting for the Biblioburro

No description

M Boisvert

on 22 August 2018

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Transcript of Waiting for the Biblioburro

Waiting for the Biblioburro
Lesson 3

Where are we in relation to Colombia?
What continent do we live on?
Has anyone had any experience with Colombia that you would like to share?
I can identify the central lesson or moral of the story.
What is the gist of "Waiting for the Biblioburro?
Why are books and reading important to Ana?
What challenges did Ana face?

How did she overcome them?
One thing I like about waiting for Bilbioburro is the way Ana works hard to learn. What do you like about the book?
Did you know this book is based on a true story!
Learning Target:
I can determine the main idea of the story
I can identify the moral of Waiting for Biblioburro
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